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I have just started a blog featuring nothing but retro recipes. I realised I had the background material in books, booklets and cut-outs for more than 500 recipes so the only sensible thing seamed to be to give them their one home. A weekly retro recipe will of course continue to turn up here on Retro Rambling as well – Ted
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I got tired of good old Zsa Zsa and the E-type so I made some new headers and a new background. I like to do that from time to time, it makes the blog more fun to work with – Ted

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A Curious Fancy


A Curious Fancy” is run by a girl who describes herself like this: I am fat, fanciful and whimsical. Well, actually I’m just plain eccentric but it translates to whimsical in the virtual medium. Most of the time I like to pretend I live in a storybook. This is where my sartorial adventures are documented.

Her site caught my fancy because of the picture to the left which had a very nice turn of the last century feel to it so I removed the colour and gave it a slight sepia tint to emphasize this feeling and there she is, looking like she’s on a beach sometimes around 1900. And by the way, her blog is well worth a visit.

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In her own words: When I was little, I remember hearing on television that when very young Elizabeth Taylor went to bed, she would place a wooden clothespin on her nose to ensure that beautiful breath button looked perfect the next day. I heard this and tried it. I whimpered throughout the night and awoke with a honker that resembled Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s. So sad. Too bad.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the text was found at “Cotton Candy Truant

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July 21, 1951: The Althoff Circus organized a publicity stunt by putting a baby elephant on the floating train at Alter Markt station. As the elephant started to bump around during the ride, she was pushed out the wagon and she fell into the river Wupper. The elephant, two journalists, and one passenger received minor injuries. After this jump, the elephant got the name of Tuffi, meaning ‘waterdive’ in italian. Both operator and circus director were fined after the incident. Text and Image from “Atompunk

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“Who is the sailor who appears on Player’s cigarette packets?”

Well, Player’s Cigarettes were one of two main employers in the area. Their ‘Navy Cut’ cigarettes were very popular choice, becoming the number one UK brand for a number of years. The term ‘Navy Cut’ refers to how RN sailors (19th and 20th century to 1953)  would wind twine around rolls of tobacco leaves allowing them to mature under compression, and then slice off the end shredding the tobacco.

The ‘Hero’ sailor used as a trade mark for the brand was modelled on Thomas Huntley Wood, a crewmember of HMS Edinburgh. The logos were developed for an advertising campaign in 1891 and trademarked in 1893.

Text and image found at “Adventures of the black gang

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Harry McCracken on Technologizer  |  Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Years ago, Google bought two cool products: Picasa and Blogger. It improved them, but kept the old names. Now Mashable’s Ben Parr is reporting that the Google+ rollout will involve redubbing these services as Google Photos and Google Blogs. Sounds logical to me–especially since the offering I think of as “Picasa” is actually “Picasa Web Albums.”

This doesn’t bother me much, I’m already using Google+ and like it a lot better than Facebook. Google+ has a direct link to Picasa so I’m in the clear whatever they call it. Besides, I’m on WordPress and not Blogger – Ted

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