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‘New Town’ is an entry in a Central Office of Information-sponsored animated series featuring the everyman character Charley, and promotes an escape from grimy, smoggy towns and arduous commutes to work. With the highly distinctive animation style of husband-and-wife team Halas and Batchelor, this short aims to explain the rationale behind the planning of the new towns, with their enticing offer of green open spaces and a type of housing to suit everyone.

Building skywards – Manhattan-style – is quickly ruled out for us Brits; "Don’t be silly, I’d never get me pram up there" pipes up a member of the unseen chorus of unhappy city-dwellers. But considering the urban sprawl now devouring the south-east of England, perhaps skyscrapers were the way to go after all. (Simon McCallum)

Charley Junior’s Schooldays was the seventh in a series of eight public information films designed to convey key facts about the Labour government’s social reforms in the immediate postwar period. Here, animation company Halas & Batchelor‘s trademark fusion of clarity of expression and humour is the vehicle for some quite dense information about the proposed radical reforms to the British schools system. The changes were first conceived in the Education Act 1944, devised by Conservative education minister Rab Butler.

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mexican compressed. 

….. rolling paper is a clear sign. Who’s heard of anyone rolling regular tobacco – By the way, is it our old friend Tricky Dick aka Richard Nixon sniffing the goodies there.

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My hair is longer than most of those poor hippie sod’s were back then – Ted 😉

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Take a good look at that picture visitor and ponder this; Is his wife buying flat, stale coffee just to get spanked. Her facial expression seams to indicate that she’s quite enjoying it.

On the other hand, ads like this one makes one wonder if giving your wife a good spanking whenever there things to complain about in her dealings with house and home was common in the US back then. This  is not the first old ad I’ve come across where spanking wives has been the subject.

I was raised by pacifistic parents and haven’t raised my hand at another person my entire life so I don’t think a stale cup of coffee would make me start. Besides I’m a tea drinker, I only drink coffee at places where there is no chance of getting a decent cup of tea, so I probably wouldn’t know stale cup of coffee from a fresh one.  –Ted 😉


Six lucky housewives temporarily saved from a sore bum by Chase & Sandborn

In context:

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I’ve spent the first 19 parts of this series dissing members of the advertising profession so since I have been at least semi part of the profession for about 30 years I thought it was time to show an ad I have nothing what so ever against. (Apart for the fact that I wouldn’t be found dead in a ditch in a BMW, but that is more because the kind of people that usually choose to buy one around here than the car itself.)

The ad is clear in its concept, straight to the point and best of all, cruel enough to drive that point home. Just like a campaign like this need to be. For the first time on this blog; Well done Mad Men – Ted

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700_an early start
But the tobacco companies claimed that smoking was completely harmless and if you can’t trust big business who can you trust. Yeah right – Ted

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I just love “Woman’s Suffrage would double the irresponsible votes” because it would mean that all votes given before that also were irresponsible. Because I take it for granted that  the people behind the campaign  though women would vote irresponsibly – Ted

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Text from the ad:

Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things. If your wife hit something in a Volkswagen, it doesn’t hurt you very much. WV parts are easy to replace. and cheap. A fender comes off without dismantling half the car. A new one goes on with just ten bolts. For $24.95 plus labour.

And a WV dealer always has the kind of fender you need. Because that’s the only kind he has. Most other WV parts are interchangeable too. inside and out. Which means your wife isn’t limited to fender smashing. she can jab the hood, grace the door. Or bump off the bumper.

It may make you furious, but it won’t make you poor. So when your wife goes window-shopping in a Volkswagen, don’t worry. You can conveniently replace anything she uses to stop the car. Even the breaks.

Sexist ads were not only quite common in the fifties, sixties, and seventies but were used deliberately to make men feel superior to women and there by make them more receptive for the real message in the ad. It was of course impossible to think that a man could hit something with a car, even though statistics would have shown that most car crashes were done by men. But then again, the Mad Men have never dealt in reality, have they – Ted

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First tell a woman that it’s not only all right to drink red wine all day, but it restores you back to your old self again. Then show a picture of a woman that looks both happy and pretty plastered and then send her a free sample. Well done Mad Men, it just can’t go wrong – Ted

In context:
Sanotogen tonic wine is simply a brand of alcoholic beverage produced by the traditional combination of full bodied Ruby British Wine and the special ‘Sanatogen’ formula to form an exceptional mellow flavour.
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The Mad Men always keep their ears close to the ground so as soon as there were women wealthy enough to by their own cars they started targeting car ads towards women. And the fact that wives had a say in what car the family should buy did not slip pass them either. They even went as far as having dresses designed specially for certain models. And vanity is a great lure – Ted

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text from the ad:
How soon is too soon?

Not soon enough. Laboratories tests over the last few years have proven that babies who start drinking soda during the early formative period have much higher chance of gaining acceptance and “fitting in” during those awkward pre-teen and teen years. So, do yourself a favour. Do your child a favour. Start them on a strict regimen of soda and other sugary carbonated beverages right now. For a lifetime of guaranteed happiness – Ad for The Soda Pop Board of America

Playing on mum’s insecurity and fright at the thought of their kids not going to fit in must have seemed an easy way to get the kids hooked on soda and sugar for a lifetime to any heartless mad man. But honestly, the crap about laboratory tests was pushing it a bit to far even back then – Ted

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454_madman_05Text from the ad:

Glance in the mirror, lovely lady. Be glad you’re so slender, so easy to dress so admired wherever you go.

Then take time to bless your good fortune for making you what you are.

It’s your modern taste for the lighter, less filling food that gives you the slim waistline – and keeps you always feeling fine and fit for fun.

Pepsi-Cola goes right along with this wholesome trend in diet. Today’s Pepsi-Cola, reduced in calories, is never heavy, never too sweet. It refreshes without filling.

Have a Pepsi-Cola – The modern, the light refreshment.

It is close to heartless to try to make people believe that drinking Pepsi-Cola will keep you slim, feeling fine and fit for fun. The fat wages must have been the only thing that kept those guys from turning from side to side all night embarrassed by the utter crap they produced all day – Ted

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I guess many of you have followed “Mad Men” that TV series about an Advertising Agency back when neither commercial artists nor copy writers had any rules or regulations to hinder their blatant lies about the products they were pushing.


462_mad_men_intro_02Since I have in parts of my working career been working at such places, old ads from that time fascinates me, so since I’ve just finished the “Popular Music History 1945 – 1980” series, I’m starting a new series featuring all the meaningless nonsense those guys managed to push.

The Mad Men had and still have a wide scale of human emotions to play upon both in images and text; Insecurity, low self-esteem, bad self-image, scare, addiction, vanity, hope, the will to belong, wishful thinking, loneliness, despair, superiority and lets be honest good old envy.

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Palmolive squeezed every last drop of female insecurity, low self-esteem, bad self-image, scare of getting old and vanity out of their “schoolgirl complexion” slogan and ran it for years on end through the thirties.

Leave jewels to those less fortunate, my ass – Ted

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Not likely to get yourself in trouble, my ass. One thing for sure, that man has never seen Norwegians drink beer – Ted

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The person running Caviglia’s Cabinet of Curiosity writes: Just to add my two cents, this doesn’t seem particularly sexist to me. Yes, it focuses on women as carriers of disease, but men were at their most valuable during the war, and they needed to be at top physical health from a national security standpoint. And this doesn’t seem to be saying anything really wrong about all women just that, “Prostitutes often have VD. If you have sex with prostitutes and other women you don’t know, you may just get VD. Please don’t get VD guys. Really.” Of course, I could be saying something really unelightened, in which cause… whoops.

Whenever I come across these campaign posters warning against VD from WWII on the net it strikes me that at the core of it it is more about Christian morality than preventing sickness as one knew already then that condoms protected not only against pregnancies but also against diseases.
The posters should have told the guys to use condoms, not keep away from sex all together if preventing VD was the main object of the campaigns. It would have been easier for the guys to follow the advice too. It is easy to turn to prostitutes during war, it could be your last chance of fornication, soldiers die in wars  – Ted

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