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Is It Just Me…

a1107_oh yeh

…. or does he seem unconvinced 😉

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By The Way ….


….. Aunt Mable was quite a challenge as a child too 😉

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Pinterest Too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both my Pinterest accounts were in French when I opened them too

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french2What the f**k is happening, almost all my social media connections have turned to French. I tried to open my two Twitter accounts and both of them has turned to French. And I’m no longer logged in and the cheeky bastards ask me in their silly language if I want to follow my own Twitter accounts.

And every second time I open google.com I get the Swiss version in French instead. I don’t want this, I don’t read French well. I don’t like French!!! I’ve never asked for anything in French on the net ever. So what is happening – A very angry Ted

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Facebook 1 – IOC 0

a104658_ioc2Political commentators in Norway concludes that the reason Norway’s application for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will not be sent is the  Norwegian public’s massive negative reaction on Facebook both to IOC’s totally undemocratic form of organisation, their pompousness  and their committee’s meaningless claim to luxurious treatment during the games.

That these claims are hard to accept in a social democratic country where this kind of treatment is unheard of when it comes to our own government, other political leaders or other dignities is not hard to understand.

Facebook finally showed itself to be useful beyond showing pictures of new-borns, funny pussycats and fancy dinner dishes – Ted

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a104658_ioc  IOC members during the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936

The decision fell to day so the fat, self-indulgent leaders in the IOC committee will have to find some other city to waste $ 5,000,000,000 to feed the committee members’ enormous egos and meet their list of ridiculously, luxurious demands.

It’s time someone wrestled the ownership of the Olympic Games away from that bunch of self-important, egocentric, money wasting old fascist and turned the spotlight back on the sports where it belongs.

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