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Here’s a delicious cherry pie recipe for you (Featuring Bird’s Custard of course)

You’ll find the recipe HERE

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A recipe from an ad for Ann Page mayonnaise and A&P published in 1957

9567_Capetown Lobster Salad_post

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940_lollipopBack when I was a kid, my favourite was called Lollipop (see illustration) and it was and is still made by DiplomIs. When I need a little flashback to my childhood days I still buy one from time to time .

My girlfriend on the other hand has a slight dairy intolerance so she eats them all the time. The strange thing is that how ever expensive and flashy ice-cream I eat as she does, I always get a little envious. Childhood favourites is a strange thing – Ted 😉

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Take a good look at that picture visitor and ponder this; Is his wife buying flat, stale coffee just to get spanked. Her facial expression seams to indicate that she’s quite enjoying it.

On the other hand, ads like this one makes one wonder if giving your wife a good spanking whenever there things to complain about in her dealings with house and home was common in the US back then. This  is not the first old ad I’ve come across where spanking wives has been the subject.

I was raised by pacifistic parents and haven’t raised my hand at another person my entire life so I don’t think a stale cup of coffee would make me start. Besides I’m a tea drinker, I only drink coffee at places where there is no chance of getting a decent cup of tea, so I probably wouldn’t know stale cup of coffee from a fresh one.  –Ted 😉


Six lucky housewives temporarily saved from a sore bum by Chase & Sandborn

In context:

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A recipe from an ad that was published in “Chatelaine Magazine” in February 1960

From the ad: Here’s a simple but sophisticated main-dish … a savoury bacon-cheese custard pie! Actually, this is a celebrated French dish called "Quiche Lorraine" (pronounced "Keesh lorrayne" ). Our adaptation of it looks wonderfully professional but, as the recipe will show you, is very easy.

And when you bake it with Robin Hood Flour, you know it will come out just like the picture. Robin Hood is specially milled from the nutritious hearts of wheat … and every batch is bake-tested before it’s ever sold. So Robin Hood Flour is extra-good … in every possible way – Recipe HERE

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Recipe taken from an ad for Hunt’s Peaches published in LIFE magazine in 1953


Recipe HERE

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Since it is Easter time an egg recipe seemed to be just the thing and you’ll find the recipe HERE. The recipe is from “Mat Fra Alle Land” (Food From Every Country). The book was first published in 1938. – Ted

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