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a10456_despairAnd  when I try to install it again from Windows.com my system wont accept it. It might take a few days before I find a good replacement. If any of you guys or girls out there have any suggestions, please drop me a comment on this post – Ted

Problem fixed / found an older version on my pc and upgraded that one 🙂

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a1044_visitors service

I have posted similar advice to my male visitors earlier and now ladies, now it’s your turn. Be aware of the two paths. And yes, I know this advice comes a little too late for some of you – Ted 😉

Here’s a few other things any decent person should know:

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Is It Just Me….

…or has the rest of you guys and galls out there running blogs and webpages noticed that autumn is here. My daily page views has gone from + – 1500 to close to 2,800 page views a day in a little over a week – Ted


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Stairs for the deep water quay

On Wednesday my oldest niece arrived with her husband and two children in their 35 feet sailing boat and that posted a problem as there are no stairs up from the deep water quay and as you can see the rocks down there are steep and they get very slippery when wet. In other words not very suited for two small children.


Apart from the handrail for the children my niece’s husband and I finished the stairs in two days and by the time they leave later this week he will have finished that too.


Earlier to day my sister drove me to Porsgrunn where I caught the train for Oslo where I’m now sitting writing this post. I’ll be going down to the summer cottage later this summer too, on a couple of what we call an oval weekend around here (Thursday to Monday 😉 )

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004_the new wind gauge_01

The New Wind Gauge

Ever since our grandchildren had grown old enough to walk around the place we’ve had a wind gauge on a pole. This is the third generation. It was a rather hard winter here so the snow, ice and wind had torn most of generation two to pieces. So yesterday I had to build generation three. The only thing left from generation one is the propeller, the screw that holds the propeller and the pole.

004_the new wind gauge_02004_the new wind gauge_03

I like weather beaten wood so it is not treated with anything, still I reckon it’ll last 4 or 5 years and in that time turn a nice silvery grey like the propeller already is. It is not the most scientific of wind gauges, the rudder keep the plane turned towards the wind which tells us the direction and the noise from the propeller tells us about how hard the wind is. On the other hand, all four kids love it and can sit around on the grass watching it for ages– Ted 😉

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The Well House

This is a well house  built the same summer I built the outhouse. There was an old pyramid shaped well house there that had been there for donkey’s years but it was beginning to be quite unsafe and as both my oldest daughter and my sisters oldest daughter started having kids it was time to build a new one.


There’s a pipeline going from the well to the bathroom where there’s an electric pump that provides water for the washbasin and the shower. The inspection hatch is just for checking the water level.

The storage room under the back terrace is also my handiwork. Since I don’t like sunning and get restless without something to do it was decided to build a carpentry shop for me when the last expansion was done. So I have a nice 15 square metre shop full of tools where I can tinker with my projects.

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001_the cottage

Here’s the family summer cottage where I usually spend at least parts of my summer holiday. And here’s the view from the terrace – New report will follow tomorrow –Ted

001_wiev fom terrase 1001_wiev fom terrase 2

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This is my lunch box from ground school. I got it when I started in 1960. It should prove I’m the type of guy that doesn’t throw away things – Ted 😉

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forgotten ones intro illEver since I started this blog over four years ago I have posted more or less forgotten actresses and models from the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies so it’s about time I turned this into a series. Since “Pre-War Classics Of The Road” ended last Friday this new series called “A Tribute to the Forgotten Ones” starts today. There will be no surprises here for frequent visitors since posts like these have turned up regularly. The post heading is new though – Ted 😉

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TV, newspapers and the radio is crammed absolutely full of the world cup around here these days and I could not possibly be less interested – Ted 😦

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Well, it just had to happen of course. Aunt Mabel got her of posting series. I’ve grown so fond of her and building a series around her is a lot easier on far less time consuming than most of my other posting series. Besides, it’ is so nice to work with something absolutely devoid of anything remotely like seriousness.

A series all about me.
Is it really true?
Will there be any
booze to get out of it.?


Regular visitors will all ready have made their acquaintance with the lady, but only in sporadically appearing posts. These posts will now appear every Wednesday. There will also be opportunities to meet members of her family, co-workers (from the few places she has managed to hold down a job for more than a few hours) and her many friends of course.

I will not make the least attempt to post these glimpses from Mabel’s life in any sort of chronological order just rummage through the net for fitting images and let my disorderly, whimsical mind do the rest of the work.

So, that should be about it, I don’t know for how long I’ll run the series, but that goes for the rest of them as well for that matter so enjoy it while it lasts – Ted

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I’ve added all the mp3’s that have been posted in the Favourite Female Singer Series to the Music Player and will continue to do so as new favourites get posted. Enjoy – Ted

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By The Way

505_cupEven though it’s pink, this is not the right kind of gift for Valentines Day!
Image found at LostFoundAndEnvied

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I’ve just finished making a PDF containing all but a few of the posts from December. Just a few did not convert well to the new format. The recipes are organized in the order they were posted and you’ll find the PDF in the BOX widget in the right column. Just double click it to save it to your computer – Ted

The post on RecipeReminiscing is HERE

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To All My Visitors


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Just for the record: I wont be answering any mails or other messages for the next two days. Posts will turn up as usual of course – Ted

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New Fonts

I’ve just bought the WordPress custom design package as you might have noticed. The new post heading font is all ready showing and the new post text will start to show on new post where I’ve not changed the theme’s standard Verdana to Georgia (I use Windows Live Writer for posting where you can do that)

Unfortunately the custom design package handles the thumbnails a little different than the theme standard so some old posts may look a little untidy – Ted

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