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a1044_visitors service

I have posted similar advice to my male visitors earlier and now ladies, now it’s your turn. Be aware of the two paths. And yes, I know this advice comes a little too late for some of you – Ted 😉

Here’s a few other things any decent person should know:

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Take a good look at that picture visitor and ponder this; Is his wife buying flat, stale coffee just to get spanked. Her facial expression seams to indicate that she’s quite enjoying it.

On the other hand, ads like this one makes one wonder if giving your wife a good spanking whenever there things to complain about in her dealings with house and home was common in the US back then. This  is not the first old ad I’ve come across where spanking wives has been the subject.

I was raised by pacifistic parents and haven’t raised my hand at another person my entire life so I don’t think a stale cup of coffee would make me start. Besides I’m a tea drinker, I only drink coffee at places where there is no chance of getting a decent cup of tea, so I probably wouldn’t know stale cup of coffee from a fresh one.  –Ted 😉


Six lucky housewives temporarily saved from a sore bum by Chase & Sandborn

In context:

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Who wouldn’t want a couple of armless Elvis Presley half torsos to lighten up the living room. Particularly a couple as terribly tastelessly designed as these. Two slightly recognizable Elvis Presleys with an equally tasteless lamp shade on top would be the pride of any half blind Presley fan’s living room – 44 presidents and only two kings – Ted

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If there is one thing the mad men knows works every time, it is telling people that you can get slim and fit without doing a damned thing. People will buy and gulp down absolutely anything based on that promise. Anyone knows deep down inside that Prof. F. J. Kellogg’s crappy “scientific” product is just as useless as the drugs and patent medicines he is warning against. But instead of considering actually slimming, now as back then people get hooked in case this particular product just might work.

But as we all know it doesn’t work of course. Not the ones back when the add above was made or the similar crap they’re pushing today. Had it worked there wouldn’t have been one lazy fat slob left in the overfed self indulging western world – Ted 😉

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454_madman_05Text from the ad:

Glance in the mirror, lovely lady. Be glad you’re so slender, so easy to dress so admired wherever you go.

Then take time to bless your good fortune for making you what you are.

It’s your modern taste for the lighter, less filling food that gives you the slim waistline – and keeps you always feeling fine and fit for fun.

Pepsi-Cola goes right along with this wholesome trend in diet. Today’s Pepsi-Cola, reduced in calories, is never heavy, never too sweet. It refreshes without filling.

Have a Pepsi-Cola – The modern, the light refreshment.

It is close to heartless to try to make people believe that drinking Pepsi-Cola will keep you slim, feeling fine and fit for fun. The fat wages must have been the only thing that kept those guys from turning from side to side all night embarrassed by the utter crap they produced all day – Ted

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