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Long before little Ted had detected why there was a difference between boys and girls and what that difference could lead to he liked to look at pictures in magazines. Norwegian magazines back in the fifties were very full of mono-chrome pictures of film stars, Italian ones in particular and among them was of course Sophia Loren. Those pictures evoke feelings in little Ted he didn’t understand but still liked very much.

Every time I see one of those old black & white photos of Sophia I’m momentarily brought back to the fifties and can’t help a little smile playing over my lips. Memories are strange and wondrous things.

Here’s about 50 of those old black & whites – Ted

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The Magic Of Cocoa


My x-wife and I got divorced when our daughters were 4 and 6 and I had them every second week-end and the whole summer holiday after that. One thing we used to do was hiking in the woods with a good friend of mine that I’d been hiking with since we were in our early twenties.

One of the first times we went hiking we got caught in a terrible rain. I thought that would be the last time the kids would go hiking with us even though we had brought rain coats and wore rubber boots. We set camp at a small lake and my friend and I fired up our cooking gears and made coffee for us and cocoa for the girls.

A little later I watched my youngest, Sara, with her hands folded around a hot cup of steaming cocoa, an intense look of pleasure and enjoyment on her face. I realised then that we would be hiking a lot more and we did, for many years – Ted

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940_lollipopBack when I was a kid, my favourite was called Lollipop (see illustration) and it was and is still made by DiplomIs. When I need a little flashback to my childhood days I still buy one from time to time .

My girlfriend on the other hand has a slight dairy intolerance so she eats them all the time. The strange thing is that how ever expensive and flashy ice-cream I eat as she does, I always get a little envious. Childhood favourites is a strange thing – Ted 😉

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I don’t know about round your neck of the woods, but where I live they used to dry the hay this way back when I was a kid and the arrangement is called a “hesje” in Norwegian. Where we had our summer cottage (and I still have) the closest neighbour was a small farm and they dried their hay this way. Small bats used to sleep in the hay during the day and in the twilight in the evening we used to shake the sticks holding the construction and the bats came flying out in dozens. Having fun was simple back then – Ted 😉

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