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1889_Deutch-Australische Dampfschiff Gesellschaft

Formed in 1888 to operate services from Hamburg via Antwerp and the Cape to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. The service commenced in July 1889, but within a couple of years, passenger services to Australia were discontinued and the company restricted it’s activities to the cargo trade to Australia and the Dutch East Indies and latterly to North and South America. Taken over by the Hamburg America Line in 1926 and lost it’s identity as a separate concern.

1889_Deutch-Australische Dampfschiff Gesellschaft_ill_01

The ship on the poster

The "Chemnitz" was built by A.Stephen & Sons, Glasgow in 1889. She was a 2,758 gross ton vessel, length 320ft x beam 39ft, one funnel, two masts, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was accommodation for 10 1st and 320 2nd class passengers.

Launched on 27/11/1889 for Deutsch – Australische, she was chartered to the Hamburg America Line in 1893 and sailed from Hamburg for New York on 22/6/1893 and made just the one round voyage on this route. In 1906 she was sold to Chile and renamed "Enrique Lihn" and in 1911 was scrapped at Hendrik Ido, Ambacht.

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I’ve been listening to Afro-American music for nearly 50 years. And worst, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – Ted


BLACK HISTORY IN IMAGES: New Orleans in 1960 was sharply divided over the practice of segregation, and the “Citizens’ Council of Greater New Orleans” advocated some pretty silly stuff, including a protest against black musicians. Please share so we may never forget! Image and text from BlackPast.org

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583_guilt trip

Old time religion Guilt Trip postcard No Date
Image from Collection Jim Linderman

As  a kid I was at Sunday school only once. I was there with my four year older sister and it was a Christmas party. We got soda pop and sweet rolls. When it was time to go home I asked if we would get soda and rolls the next Sunday as well and was told by the ancient lady that run the school that that was only for very special occasions. They never saw me again. Strangely, I feel no guilt – Ted

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As you can see, in the Social Hygiene Division, a part of the Army Educational Commission, they think your brain is diseased if you happen to think about women and booze occasionally. I don’t know about you, but I’m bound for the loony bin – Ted

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