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I’ve been listening to Afro-American music for nearly 50 years. And worst, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – Ted


BLACK HISTORY IN IMAGES: New Orleans in 1960 was sharply divided over the practice of segregation, and the “Citizens’ Council of Greater New Orleans” advocated some pretty silly stuff, including a protest against black musicians. Please share so we may never forget! Image and text from BlackPast.org

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209_Orchidea De Santis_001Orchidea De Santis (born 20 December 1948, Bari) is an Italian television and film actress.

Orchidea De Santis is an Italian actress in cinema, theatre and television. Her films include Il Vizio di Famiglia directed by Mariano Laurenti, Per Amare Ofelia by Flavio Mogherini, Concerto per Pistola Solista by Michele Lupo, Colpo di Stato by Luciano Salce (1969) and Paolo il caldo by Marco Vicario (1973). She appeared briefly in Il Nero by Giovanni Vento (1965) and Una Macchia Rosa by Enzo Muzii (1970). Since the mid-1980s, her film work has declined in favor of other activities.
Her theater work includes comedies such as Morto un Papa se ne fa un Altro, Strega Roma and Chicchignola written by Ettore Petrolini, all of which were directed by Ghigo De Chiara and Fiorenzo Fiorentini.

De Santis appeared in Sottoveste by Castellacci e Ventimiglia and Love and Life by Mike Immordino. She wrote and acted in La Bambola Orchidea featuring the music of maestro Aldo Saitto, as well as Chicchignola with Mario Scaccia, and La cicogna si diverte by Carlo Alighero.

209_Orchidea De Santis_006209_Orchidea De Santis_007209_Orchidea De Santis_008209_Orchidea De Santis_009

For the RAI radio, De Santis appeared in many roles, mainly in the serials Barocco a Roma and Racconto Italiano which were broadcast in the late 1970s. In the 1989 she began working in the international broadcasting department where she produced Notturno Italiano, AZ per gli Italiani all’Estero, Italia Canta, Itinerari Italiani, Facile Ascolto.She was producer of the radio show L’Arca di Noè, and 13 episodes of Ciak si esegue. She also developed and produced a program about animals called L’Anello di Re Salomone. She is currently the director of, Due di Notte.

209_Orchidea De Santis_002209_Orchidea De Santis_003209_Orchidea De Santis_004209_Orchidea De Santis_005

Her television work includes Roosvelt (Rai Tre 1986), Maga Circe and Lucrezia Borgia (Rai Uno 1987) and Il caso Redoli, a TV series: The Great Trials (Rai Uno 1996).Outside of cinema and theater, she worked with the city government of Rome, organizing a review of 1970s Italian cinema called Italia (de)Genere.

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The Kurér was the first reasonably small portable radio produced in Norway, it was introduced 24th of April 1950 and it became an immediate success. In spite of the weight, a little over 7,5 kilo with the battery, we brought it everywhere, to our summerhouses, the beach and to the mountain. Here in Norway it has become a real fifties icon. Few Norwegians of a certain age are without a memory or two connected to the Kurér. I had a bluish grey one until my youngest daughter discovered it, now she has – Ted 😉

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1174895_blbBettina Le Beau (born 23 March 1932 in Antwerp, Belgium), also known as Bettine Le Beau, is an actress known for her film, radio and television appearances in the UK.

During World War II she was separated from her parents; as she was Jewish, she was held in a concentration camp in southern France. She escaped from Camp DeGurs and was hidden by a family from the Nazis. She went to England in 1945 and attended Pitman’s College. She worked as a model, graphologist and cabaret artist and learned several languages.

As an actress her television appearances include The Benny Hill Show, The Prisoner, Call My Bluff and The Golden Shot. Film appearances include My Last Duchess, A Ferry Ann, Devil’s Daffodil and an uncredited role as Professor Dent’s secretary in the first James Bond film, Dr No. On radio, she was a regular on the BBC World Service programme Animal, Vegetable and Mineral, a version of Twenty Questions.

She worked on a programme for women on radio and wrote a book entitled Help Yourself to Happiness (ISBN 0953421600). She has also lectured on her experience of the Holocaust.

1174895_blb1 1174895_blb2 1174895_blb3

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Every dollar buys 100 words of truth. That’s how hard “Truth Dollars” work. Your dollars will help 70 million people resist Kremlin. Keep the truth turned on. Send as many “Truth Dollars” as you can (if possible on for every member of your family) The need is now.

Radio Free Europe started broadcasting in 1950, so were right smack in the middle of the cold war here and the fear of the “Red Plague” rode the right wing Europe and US whipping up a frenzy that lead to the most bizarre accusations against people that didn’t see the world through the eyes of the far right. McCarty and his buddies in Europe didn’t wait long to harass anyone they felt like – Ted

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Article and images from the Hokey Ass Message Board HAMB
11308_af4Alan Freed or "Moondog" was a notable DJ. He coined the phrase "Rock and Roll". He once said: "Rock ‘n’ roll is really swing with a modern name. It began on the levees and plantations, took in folk songs, and features blues and rhythm. It’s the rhythm that gets to the kids – they’re starved of music they can dance to, after all those years of crooners." Freed promoted dances and concerts featuring the music he was playing on the radio. Freed’s popularity made the pop music business sit up and take notice. Life magazine credited Freed as the originator of the rock ‘n roll craze.

Freed had his share of controversy. Freed, during a "Rock and Roll" show in Boston told the audience, "The police don’t want you to have fun." As a result, Freed was arrested and charged with inciting to riot. In 1957, Freed was given a weekly prime-time TV series, The Big Beat,(which predated American Bandstand) on ABC, which was scheduled for a Summer run, with the understanding that if there were enough viewers, the show would continue into the 1957-58 television season. Although the ratings for the first three episodes were strong, the show was suddenly canceled after the fourth episode. During that episode, Frankie Lymon of Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, after performing his number, was seen dancing with a white girl from the studio audience. Reportedly, the incident offended the management of ABC’s local affiliates in the southern states, and led to the show’s immediate cancellation despite its growing popularity.


Freed’s career ended when it was shown that he had accepted payola (payments from record companies to play specific records), a practice that was highly controversial at the time. There was also a conflict of interest, that he had taken songwriting co-credits (most notably on Chuck Berry’s "Maybellene"), which entitled him to receive part of a song’s royalties, which he could help increase by heavily promoting the record on his own program.

11308_af1Freed lost his own show on the radio station WABC; then he was fired from the station altogether. He also was fired from his television show (which for a time continued with a different host). In 1960, payola was made illegal. In 1962, Freed pleaded guilty to two charges of commercial bribery, for which he received a fine and a suspended sentence.

Although the punishment handed down to Freed was not severe, the side effects of negative publicity were such that no prestigious station would employ him, and he moved to the West Coast in 1960, where he worked at KDAY-AM in Santa Monica, CA.. In 1962, after KDAY refused to allow him to promote "rock and roll" stage shows, Freed moved to WQAM in Miami, FL., but that association lasted two months.


He died in a Palm Springs, CA. hospital in 1965 from uremia and cirrhosis brought on by alcoholism. He was 43 years old.

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These Radios were probably for sale just after the King kicked the bucket so it is strange that the sod that designed it had hardly any recollection of how Elvis looked what so ever. The figure can hardly be called a sharp dresser and the King really was and he looks like a 4 feet high 12 years old Eurasian.
I mean, have you ever seen a picture of El in a turtleneck sweater. How could he soak all those silk scarfs and women’s knickers thrown up on stage in sweat from his chest and throw them to the starry eyed babes in the audients dressed like that.
And those baggy pants, get off it. No Way.

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