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Winnie the Pooh has been livening up the children’s hour for twenty years. Now ACE figures it’s about time the adults had some comparable entertainment. So here’s Winnie Graham, even cuter than the original!

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Warning: Nudity do occur in this article. If you are under age or live in a country where watching images of nude women for some reason  are against the law  I take no responsibility if you click the link above. In other words you’re flying solo from here on – Ted 😉

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This is my lunch box from ground school. I got it when I started in 1960. It should prove I’m the type of guy that doesn’t throw away things – Ted 😉

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876_bandara_00Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike, widow of Ceylon’s assassinated prime minister Solomon Bandaranaike, has become the world’s first woman prime minister. Her Sri Lanka Freedom Party won a resounding victory in the general election taking 75 out of 150 seats.Mrs Bandaranaike only entered politics after her husband was shot by an extremist Buddhist on 26 September 1959.

She has become known as the "weeping widow" for frequently bursting into tears during the election campaign and vowing to continue her late husband’s socialist policies. This week’s election was called after Dudley Senanayake’s United National Party failed to produce a working majority after winning elections in March.

Aristocratic by birth

Mrs Bandaranaike was born into the Ceylon aristocracy and her husband was a landowner. She was educated by Roman Catholic nuns at St Bridget’s school in the capital, Colombo, and is a practising Buddhist. She married in 1940 aged 24 876_bandara_01and has three children – and until her husband’s death seemed content in her role as mother and retiring wife. Her SLFP aims to represent the "little man" although its policies during the campaign were not clear.

Mr Bandaranaike attributed her success to the "people’s love and respect" for her late husband and urged her supporters to practise "simple living, decorum and dignity".

Her husband came to power in 1955, eight years after independence, and declared himself a Buddhist which appealed to nationalists. But his government was wracked by infighting among Sinhalese and Tamils and lacked direction. Mrs Bandaranaike inherits a country in a state of flux and her party’s proposed programme of nationalisation may bring her into conflict with foreign interests in commodities like tea, rubber and oil.

In context:

Sirimavo Bandaranaike made Sinhalese the language of government – which angered the minority Tamils – and brought schools under state secular control. She lost the 1965 election after her unpopular alliance with Trotskyites but returned to power in 1970.

Ceylon was made a republic in 1972 and renamed Sri Lanka.

876_bandara_02Unemployment, inflation, food shortages and ethnic tensions continued to escalate and even the nationalisation of tea and rubber in 1975 did not help the economy.The SLFP lost the 1977 election and in 1980 Mrs Bandaranaike was found guilty of misuse of power and forced out of parliament.

Her daughter, Chandrika Kumaratunge, was elected president in 1994 and appointed her mother prime minister, by now a largely ceremonial position.

After 40 years in office she resigned on 10 August 2000. Exactly two months later she died, aged 84, of a heart attack.

Text from BBC’s OnThisDay

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One would think that there was a close relationship between the NSU and the NSU-Fiat companies, but this is not the case. In the late twenties, the majority shareholder in NSU, Jacob Schapiro, held a number of different business interests. He brokered a deal wherein NSU of Neckarsulm would merge with his various companies, which promptly proceeded to go south. This deal caused grave financial difficulties for NSU, so it was decided that the recently built NSU factory in Heilbronn was to be sold. Fiat purchased the plant, which came with NSU shares and the NSU name. Fiat had no dealings whatsoever with NSU in Neckarsulm itself, as the Heilbronn plant and name was purchased from Dresden banks. Fiat, under the name NSU-Fiat, agreed to finish the remaining NSU cars in the new plant and then to manufacture and distribute Fiat cars from there. NSU in Neckarsulm would manufacture only two-wheelers until the mid-fifties, when they returned to car building with the Prinz.

During the thirties, NSU-Fiat at Heilbronn distributed imported Italian Fiats and produced German versions of the Italian Ballila, the Topolino, the 1100, and the 1500, which were bodied by local firms, mostly Drauz and Weinsberg. The Weinsberg roadster on the Topolino chassis was particularly attractive. Post-war, they built the 500C Topolino, the 600 Jagst sedans (171,355 examples), and the 500 Weinsbergs, as well as the 850 Adria, the 1100, and the 1400/1900 series.

In 1955, NSU of Neckarsulm was the world’s largest producer of motorcycles, but they saw the market going soft and began the development of a car that became the Prinz in 1958. To avoid confusion between the two companies, NSU-Fiat changed its name to Neckar, after the nearby river, although cars usually continued to carry the NSU-Fiat badge.

Text and images from RMauctions

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img_002headingParis has long been the world’s number one style centre, dictating female fashion in all civilized parts of the globe. There is a very good reason for this – the mademoiselles de Paris are a sexy, high fashion lot to begin with. It is only natural that they should be clothed with the most imaginative and tasteful flair for style in the world.

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the naughty pictures

Warning: Nudity do occur in this article. If you are under age or live in a country where watching images of nude women for some reason  are against the law  I take no responsibility if you click the link above. In other words you’re flying solo from here on – Ted 😉

Some more interesting information received by message from Shannon Moeser, once known as Gloria Dawn who modelled herself in the early sixties:
If this was published in a 60s French Frills magazine, there is a good chance that the photos were taken by Elmer Batters, and the model, of course, would have been living in Los Angeles. I appeared in French Frills, Vol 3 (1963).

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A beautiful advert for the BSA Sunbeam scooter (also sold as the Triumph Tigress), as it appeared on the rear cover of the 17 November 1960 issue of The Motorcycle magazine. Unfortunately, reliability was not as good as it’s looks.


Text and images from VintageStuff

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