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…. or rather, several

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878_multi tasking

I apologise to all my female visitors but when I came across this picture on the net the temptation was just too big. Just look at it will you – Ted 😉

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A mah-jong tables for dwarfs, a couple of white inner tubes and your ready to  play the game with cooling water well above you butt on a hot summer day. Whether this was regarded unfit activities for young women or not is beyond my eclectically gathered knowledge but the girl on the left seem rather upset by the fact that the photo was taken – Ted
Image from National Photo Company Collection at Library Of Congress

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bathing in blueberries

… get real tipsy, put on her tiara and take a bath in gin and fresh blueberries. She claims it does wonders for her complexion and makes her skin smooth as silk. Besides she says, it taste deliciously. Young Johnny loves to eat it right out of her……well, enough of that – Ted

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The weather forecast widget on my laptop desktop tells me it is –5 C. outdoors and snowing like there’s no tomorrow so I felt like a late night retro beach search – Ted

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All posts material: “Sauce” and “Gentleman’s Relish” by Ronnie Barker – Hodder & Stoughton in 1977

A Gentleman Calling


Maid: Are you in, madame?
Madame: Nearly, I’ve got one leg in. You’d better say I’m out.
Maid: I told him you were about to step into the bath, so he knows you’re in.
Madame: I think you’d better tell him ,you made a mistake, and that l’m out. Tell him to come back in half an hour, by that time, I’ll be out, and you can tell him I’m in. Is that clear?
Maid: No, madame …
Madame: Look, tell him. . oh, never mind, send him up! "
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Blankenberge (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈblɑŋkəmbɛrɣə]) is a town and a municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the town of Blankenberge proper and the settlement of Uitkerke.

On 1 December 2011 Blankenberge had a total population of 19,322. The total area of the municipality is 17.41 km², giving a population density of 1,110 inhabitants per km².


Like most other Flemish coastal towns, a main characteristic of this one is that it is a national and to a certain extent international seaside resort. Apart from the sandy beach, there’s a structure unique along the Belgian coast: a 350-m long pier, constructed in 1933.


Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Images from
The Library of Congress’ photostream on Flickr

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This image from Giant Pants of the ’30s raises several both interesting and tantalising questions. Were the bathing suits vulcanized while you wore them? If you needed to take them off for the process, how would you cover your exposed body while waiting? Was it just a trick from the vulcanizers to catch a glimpse of exposed female flesh? (The bloke in the giant pants looks way to eager, doesn’t he ) What would it feel like wearing the bathing suit after the vulcanizing? Would it keep the unexposed body parts dry? Or would water seep in while you were submerged and be trapped when you came out of the water making you look ridiculous? Is this how wearing rubber thingies preferred by some during the sexual act started? The question never stops do they. And who can we thank for this little thought experiment, Goodyear of course, he invented the vulcanizing process – Ted

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Seattle, Washington.  1953.  Members of the Seattle Tubing Society.

I never knew there were such things as a tubing societies, but when I get it presented with such a splendid image it strikes me immediately what a natural and absolutely enjoyable activity this must be. I may start a society here in Oslo this very summer. Both parts of our town river, the coastline plus all the lakes in the woods around the city is just perfect for tubing – Ted

Image found at “burtglinn.com

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Click the image for a larger view (you might find Wally)

This photo is worth studying for a few moments at the bigger sizes; it’s like those WHERE’S WALDO? (okay, WHERE’S WALLY?) books. I’m going to go out on a limb and venture that the "minerals and cakes" offered for sale are not geological samples or big layer cakes but rather mineral water bottles and little snacks. The sign "Free bathing is not permitted" refers to the practice of making visitors rent one of those bath houses for the day before they could actually go in the water. Maybe this was to reduce the number of possible accidents or just cut down on unsightly pale pudgy tourists, I don’t know. Image and text found at “Dr Hermes Retro-Scans

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Sunbathers enjoy Atlantic City Beach at the turn of the century. High definition photos paired with video shot by Thomas Edison give a unique look at the Jersey Shore. 1900 –1910 – Posted by ShorpyTV on YouTube

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On one of my favourite sites on the net, Retronaut, I came across a series of these delightful bathing parades from the 1920s. The large panels are sharp and detailed and as you can see rather pleasing to the eyes. You’ll find them here.

Huffington Beach, California, 1927

Detail from the centre



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These creatures never stop amazing me in their effort to blend inn, but to see them mingle with human beings on the beach beats everything. Do they really think we can’t see the difference.

Image found at:

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The National American Ballet on an outing, 1924 fuckyeah1920s

The National American Ballet on an outing sometimes in 1924. And a delicious looking lot they are, and looking like real women and not like anorectic sceletons with skin stretched over them like balerinas to day.


  Image found at:fuckyeah1920s

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Bathing caps - LIFE 13 feb 1950 2

Rubber hats to wear under water are fashionable new wave-savers

The flattering rubber headgear above represent a new skirmish in the battle of the bathing cap manufacturers vs Esther Williams. Miss Williams some time ago depressed the industry by proving that women with wet hair could look beautiful, providing her hair was long enough to braid and she had a face like Esther’s. A lot of women began dispensing with their caps since the the customary white skull-hugging style resembled a peeled onion. Now, however, the Kleinert Company is introducing on the Florida front a number of hat like caps which are both practical and fetching. The flowered bonnet has 17 dozen rubber buds, comes in several pastels and costs 7,50 dollars. The rose-decked cap costs 3,95, is made like some worn in an Aquacade ballet. The multi-coloured polka dots are screen printed an a cloche that sells for 89 cent. All three comes with chin straps for determined divers.

From the American magazine LIFE – 13 Februar 1950

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Just as in the last post, one might wonder why so many movie stars, starlets and models have their picture taken by or in the bathtub. The chance of adding even more bare skin might be tempting for the photographer of course and the effect on the simple male brain is even more powerful as you can imagine. So much exposed female nudity usually makes a man’s head swim.

But if you are willing to take the chance, here are 53 images of women by or in the bathtub. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

Starlets & Models In The Bath – Image gallery
You need a Flickr account to see the gallery
because of the age restriction –
Sorry, Ted
And here’s a gallery on ImageBarn
This one is free for all to view, but unfortunately
the files are renamed so the model names are lost.

Warning: Partial nudity may occur, it usually does when someone is taking a bath.


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