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…. or rather, several

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Image found at 1950sUnlimited

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878_multi tasking

I apologise to all my female visitors but when I came across this picture on the net the temptation was just too big. Just look at it will you – Ted 😉

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A mah-jong tables for dwarfs, a couple of white inner tubes and your ready to  play the game with cooling water well above you butt on a hot summer day. Whether this was regarded unfit activities for young women or not is beyond my eclectically gathered knowledge but the girl on the left seem rather upset by the fact that the photo was taken – Ted
Image from National Photo Company Collection at Library Of Congress

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bathing in blueberries

… get real tipsy, put on her tiara and take a bath in gin and fresh blueberries. She claims it does wonders for her complexion and makes her skin smooth as silk. Besides she says, it taste deliciously. Young Johnny loves to eat it right out of her……well, enough of that – Ted

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