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A Picnic with Beer ….


…. are there any other kind 😮

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A Norwegian brewery has removed all stock of one of its beers on Thursday after drinkers complained of its foul-smelling aroma.

Mack brewers, based in Tromsø, produced the “Isbjørn” (“Polar beer”), but a flaw in the manufacturing process created a drink with stomach-churning properties.

It was found that contamination in the bottling system led to a bad odour in many of the beer cans. A build-up of lactic acid in cans led to an unpleasant smell of sulphur and rotten eggs. The contamination was particularly rife when the weather was at its warmest this summer.

Local newspaper Harstad Tidende reported on Thursday that Mack had sold tens of thousands of cans of the "fart-smelling" drink.

Text and image from TheLocal

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So, I’ve gotten a little fascinated by these slide show galleries on WordPrees.
Learn to live with it 😀

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My kind Of Girl


Kicking her shoes off, smoking cigars and drinking  beer straight from the bottle. What more can you ask in a woman – Ted

Image found on one of Geoffe Haney’s albums on Flickr

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Will you stop doing that woman! My beer gets Lukewarm !!!

Image found at DeadAir

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