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The French sex symbol announced her retirement just before she turned 40 and devoted her life to animal welfare; the sultry Italian star posed for a Pirelli calendar only three years ago and is still making movies. Elizabeth Day says they both deserve respect

Loren posting for the Pirelli calendar and Bardot on the way to meet Sarkozy

When Sophia Loren turned 72 three years ago, she celebrated by posing semi-naked for a Pirelli calendar alongside a handful of women less than half her age. Wearing a silk negligée, she draped herself languorously under a bed sheet with her head tilted sensually upwards in a suggestion of ecstatic abandon. A Vatican aide was moved to comment that, if the Pope ever changed his stance on human cloning, it would be because of Loren.

In the same year, Brigitte Bardot was photographed on her way to a meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy, then French interior minister, to discuss cruelty against Canadian seals. Bardot was dressed in black and limping on crutches because of a nagging hip complaint. According to one mid-market tabloid, her appearance was marked by "sagging jowls covered in heavy make-up and a wiry, unkempt patch of greying hair".

The comparison might seem ungracious, but Bardot has the misfortune of being almost exactly the same age as her fellow actress: this month they will both turn 75 within days of each other. These two cinematic legends of the 1960s have chosen to age in very different ways, provoking very different public reactions. Their forthcoming birthdays prompt the inevitable question: how should an icon best grow old?

My thoughts on Loren young or old is well known on this blog 😉 and so are my thoughts on the young Bardot. And Bardot has my respect for her work for animal rights, but she has also grown into a hard headed fascist and that deserves no one’s respect – Ted

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French actress Brigitte Bardot photographed at her villa at La Madrague
by Philippe Halsman, 1955

437_bb_03437_bb_04437_bb_02437_bb_05 437_bb_06
Philippe Halsman (1906-1979) was born in Riga, Latvia, and began to take photographs in Paris in the 1930s. He opened a portrait studio in Montparnasse in 1934, where he photographed André Gide, Marc Chagall, André Malraux, Le Corbusier and other writers and artists. Halsman began a thirty-seven-year collaboration with Salvador Dalí in 1941 which resulted in a stream of unusual ‘photographs of ideas’, including ‘Dalí Atomicus’ and the ‘Dalí’s Mustache’ series. In the early 1950s, Halsman began to ask his subjects to jump for his camera at the conclusion of each sitting. These uniquely witty and energetic images have become an important part of his photographic legacy. Philippe Halsman died in New York City on June 25th, 1979.

Text from YOOX

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Peter Basch (September 23, 1921 – March 15, 2004) was an American magazine and glamour photographer. He was born in Berlin, lived and died in New York City. The main body of his work was produced in the fifties and sixties.

Jane FondaSenta Berger

Early life
Peter Basch was born in Berlin, Germany, the only child of Felix Basch and Grete Basch-Freund, both prominent theater and film personalities of the German-speaking world.

In 1933 the family came to New York due to fears of rising anti-Jewish sentiment and laws in Germany. The family had US citizenship because Felix’s father, Arthur Basch, was a wine trader who lived in San Francisco. After moving back to Germany, Arthur Basch kept his American citizenship, and passed it to his children and, thence, to his grandchildren.

Colleen FarringtonJulie NewmarTina Louise

United States
When the Basch family arrived in New York in 1933, they opened a restaurant on Central Park South in the Navarro Hotel. The restaurant, Gretel’s Viennese, became a hangout for the Austrian expatriate community. Peter Basch had his first job there as a waiter. While in New York, Basch attended the De Witt Clinton High School. The family moved to Los Angeles to assist in Basch’s father’s career, during which time Basch went to school in England. Upon returning to the United States, Basch joined the Army. He was mobilized in the US Army Air Forces’ First Motion Picture Unit, where he worked as a script boy.

Brigitte BardotThelma Oliver PawnbrokerJayne Mansfield

After the war, he started attending UCLA, but his mother asked him to join her back in New York. His parents had decided that Basch should be a photographer, and they obtained a photography studio for their son.

For over twenty years, Peter Basch’s had a successful career as a magazine photographer. He was known for his images of celebrities, artists, dancers, actors, starlets, and glamour-girls in America and Europe. His photos appeared in many major magazines such as Life, Look and Playboy.

Marlene DietrichNatalie WoodZahra Norbo

Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I mean, what can you say. Nice work if you can get it – Ted

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Recreated from an article in the men’s magazine Eve No 3 from 1962

Gentlemen, this is it! Britain’s answer to the French kitten, Bridgette Bardot. Her name is Rosina Revelle, five feet three inches of pure dynamite.

img_01Got your breath back yet? … Good. Now, we’ll get on a little further.

It’s not hard to figure out why Rosina is being heralded as Britain’s Bardot. Even though she has many inches that Bardot hasn’t, at least she has them in the right places.

img_03Rosina was an usherette in a movie house before she was spotted, that is by the right people, of course. With’ a figure like hers it is sheer waste to keep it hidden away in the dark of a cinema. Something like this has to be seen so it wasn’t long before Rosina was modelling with great success. Photographers from all over the globe were clamouring for her services and her photographs were appearing in magazines all around the world.

Today Rosina Revel is quite a celebrity herself from her small suburban home to her apartment in London she is really beginning to live. She has a wardrobe that would be the envy of most women. She says she has over a hundred and fifty gowns of various descriptions. Recently she bought herself a small sports car and is fast becoming the terror of the English countryside. We say this in a humorous vein for we have driven with Rosina and she is in fact a very competent driver. Although as most young people like to do, she loves to drive fast and of course, in Britain there are many roads without any speed limits.


And so we have another success story, for in a few short years Rosina has progressed from an usherette to a top model, from tight suburban living to gaiety at Mayfair. She has progressed from being an unknown woman to being a celebrity. It really does our hearts good to see things going on in the world like this. So maybe there are more young contenders who will be encouraged by Rosina’s success and they, too, will be able to delight the eyes of our readers in the near future.



Honestly, it took more than a smashing set of knockers to compete with Brigitte Bardot back in the fifties and sixties.  By the time Rosina was 16 her measurements were 46-26-38 and her place in history was assured … which is just as well, because by the time she was 19, her parents finally found out what she was doing. She never modelled again – Ted

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Brigitte Bardot has recently turned 75. And time has not been very kind to her. As beautiful as she once was, she was also reputed to be a man-eater of gargantuan proportions who would simply toss her partners aside once she got bored with them. Later in life, she espoused the cause of animal rights and, like a troubling number of those who do so, ignored human rights in the process.

bardot_0017 11549_bb2

She was recently fined around 24,000 dollars for inciting racial hatred. She doesn’t like Muslims and believes that they are corrupting French society, although how much this has to do with ethnicity and religion and how much has to do with the ritual slaughter of animals is anyone’s guess.

So in short, she doesn’t seem such a nice person really. Of course the fact that she is not a nice person doesn’t stop people from downloading her photograph because she once was beautiful. She was after all an icon of the twentieth, but she will never be one of the twenty-first, century.

Text (though slightly altered) and images found at “The opposite

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Director : Roger Vadim
Producer : Roger Vadim
Screenwriter : Jean Cau, Jean-Pierre Petrolacci, Roger Vadim
Starring : Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Mathieu Carrière, Lena Grinda, Robert Hossein, Maurice Ronet, Michèle Sand, Robert Walker Jr., Juan Álvarez

So what if Don Juan were a woman? I’m not sure if she would behave something like Brigitte Bardot’s 1973 rendition of the famed lover, but it’s considerably fun to watch her strut her stuff.

In Roger Vadim’s interpretation of the Latin lover, Jeanne (Bardot) eats men for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She takes a married politician and immediately ruins him by having him photographed at one of her orgies. She uses a hapless folk singer for sex and then leaves, prompting him to slice his wrists and bleed to death while strumming his guitar. She even extends her wiles to corrupting women, luring the innocent wife of a grotesquely self-absorbed businessman into the sack, then turning the tables on both members of the couple.

Vadim imbues his film with a balls-out seventies sensibility, all bell bottoms and shag rugs. Bardot, one of the ultimate vamps of world cinema, is at her unmistakable best here, bored with the world around her yet overflowing with wanton lust. Unfortunately, the film never totally gels — is the point to show us how Jeanne jumps from one encounter to another without any remorse at all? That’s what Vadim gives us — and his ending tries to wrap up her life with a bit of deus ex machina that doesn’t satisfy at all.

Still, Don Juan is a rare shocker that turns the table on age-old expectations about gender and morality. There’s no surprise ending and little mystery along the way — just brash sexuality courtesy of one of cinema’s most notorious vixens.
Text from contactmusic.com , Movie from YouTube

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You’ve seen it before, and you’ll see it again, and now you see it here. Brigitte Bardot’s bewitching bottom. It’s all over the web.
It’s much nicer to remember her like this than thinking about the raving fascist and racist she has turned into in her old age. How can something once so beautiful on the outside turn into something so ugly on the inside. It’s a strange world. But man what a bottom she had back then.

I could have found the image almost
anywhere, but I found it at:

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This 1954 Simca Weekend Convertible is a hand-built alloy and steel prototype and carries serial number 001. It was presented to French film actress Bridgette Bardot, who was then 19 years old. She owned the car six years before selling it to a friend. The car is shown in countless photographs taken during the 1950s.

The Weekend is powered by the four-cylinder Simca ‘Flash’ motor, a 1290cc power plant that developed 48 horsepower.

The car was repainted years ago in its original ‘Paris Grey.’ Other than that – plus new tires, belts and hoses – it remains in its original, as-delivered condition.

Simca Aronde Week-end 55-56 by Facel. Vélosolex on the right,


Brigitte must have had it repainted  as here she is on the hood of the same car in Cannes in 1956.

It was not Brigitte’s only Simca as on the picture below you can see Brigitte Bardot in a Simca Rouge Decapotable, talking to her husband and film producer Roger Vadim.


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Text from Wikipedia
Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot (born 28 September 1934) is a French former fashion model, actress and singer, and animal rights activist.
In her early life, Bardot was an aspiring ballet dancer. She started her acting career in 1952 and, after appearing in 16 films, became world-famous due to her role in her then-husband Roger Vadim‘s controversial film And God Created Woman. She later starred in Jean-Luc Godard‘s 1963 cult film, Contempt. She was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress for her role in Louis Malle‘s 1965 film, Viva Maria!.
he caught the attention of French intellectuals. She was the subject of Simone de Beauvoir‘s 1959 essay, The Lolita Syndrome, which described Bardot as a "locomotive of women’s history" and built upon existentialist themes to declare her the first and most liberated woman of post-war France.
Bardot retired from the entertainment industry in 1973. During her career in show business Bardot starred in 47 films, performed in numerous musical shows, and recorded 80 songs. She was awarded the Légion d’honneur in 1985 but refused to receive it.

See Brigitte’s impressive filmography here

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The archetypal sex kitten, Brigitte Bardot was the first foreign-language star ever to attain a level of international success comparable to America’s most popular homegrown talents. While the vast majority of her motion pictures failed to rank even remotely close to the best of her native France’s prodigious New Wave-era output, they proved a major breakthrough in establishing a market for foreign films in English-speaking countries; indeed, for all of the acclaim deservedly heaped on the more gifted actors and directors of her day, perhaps no other factor was more crucial to the far-reaching success of world cinema than Bardot’s sultry allure.

See Brigitte Bardot’s impressiv filmography here

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Chantal Goya
France Gall
Françoise Hardy
Sylvie Vartan

Yé-yé (French pronunciation: [jeje]) was a style of pop music that emerged from France, Québec and Spain in the early 1960s. The style has expanded out worldwide, due to the success of figures such as the French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. The yé-yé movement had its origins in the radio programme "Salut les copains", which first aired in December 1959.
The program gained immediate success and one of its sections ("le chouchou de la semaine" / "this week’s sweetheart") turned to be the starting point for most yé-yé singers. Any song that was presented went straight to the top places in the charts. Yé-yé music was unique in a number of ways: first, it was the only musical movement so far to be spearheaded by females; second, it was a mostly European phenomenon.
Yé-yé girls were young (France Gall herself was only 16 when she released her first album, and innocent (most of their songs talked of finding the first love, such as Françoise Hardy’s "Tous les garçons et les filles" (" All the guys and girls my age know how it feels to be happy, but I am lonely, when will I know how it feels to have someone?").

They were also sexy, in a deliberately naïve way. Gainsbourg called France Gall the French Lolita, and, composed the song "Les Sucettes" ("Lollipops") for her. The lyrics go: "Annie loves lollipops, aniseed lollipops, when the sweet liquid runs down Annie’s throat, she is in paradise ".

  Images and text found at
”Child Of The Moon”


But when all this is said and done, don’t forget that the greatest Yé Yé Girl of them all was none other than Brigitte Bardot. See her discography and some of her music videos here.


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28 Sep 1934
Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris
Brigitte starts attending colleges at the Conservatoire Nationale de Danse, her teacher is Boris Kniaseff
Brigitte’s carreer begins when she is on the cover of Elle, she meets Marc Allégret and Roger Vadim
When she’s not allowed to marry Roger Vadim she tries to commit suicide, Brigitte gets allowed to marry Roger, but only when she’s 18
Brigitte plays in her first movie ‘Le trou Normand’
20 Dec 1952
Brigitte marries Roger Vadim
Brigitte is the sensation at the Cannes movie-festival


The international breakthrough comes with ‘Et Dieu créa la femme’
6 Dec 1956
Brigitte seperates from Roger Vadim
6 Dec 1956
Brigitte marries Jacques Charrier
11 Jan 1960
Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, Brigitte’s only child, is born
She tries committing suicide for the second time
Brigitte devorces from Jacques Charrier
8 Jul 1966

Brigitte marries Gunther Sachs in Las Vegas

Jul 1969
Brigitte devorces from Gunther Sachs
After  “’L’Histoire très bonne et très joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise’” Brigitte decides to stop making movies. From then on she spends her life on the protection of animals
Brigitte makes a movie in 3 parts about her life
28 Sep 1983
Brigitte tries committing suicide for the 3rd time
4 Oct 1996
Brigitte’s autobiography "Initials BB" has been released



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Brigitte Bardot buys hats a couple of times a week. This happens in Paris, at Jean Barthot’s, the man who creates hats for the likes of Soraya and Sophia Loren. – Bardot tries to find a hat that will make her un-recognisable (as if that would be possible – Ted).
Her dream is to be able to walk around without being recognise. At least that’s what she says.

Oh no, not this one. Do you think I’m a cowgirl.

S’il vous plait. Not that one either. Put it on a circus clown instead.

What a creation, what style. Let me have 10 – 12 of these.

The Norwegian magazine "NÅ"
No 51 – December 7th. 1963.

Hmmm. – In this outfit I almost look like Greta Garbo.

There you go! Finally a hat that fits right.

Veil, makes me look sophisticated. Don’t you think.


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Those of you who are in a rather poor comand of the French language may totaly have missed that Brigitte Bardot in addition to her film career, also had a rather solid track record as a recording artist, resulting in some of the most catchy French bubblegum pop of the late ’60s.

As with many of the other "ye-ye girls", much of her repertoire was written and orchestrated by french pop’s bad boy, Serge Gainsbourg. Bardot wasn’t the world’s greatest singer, but she was easy enough on the eyes, and a great sport, to boot. She was the only real competition Francoise Hardy had as France’s most babilicious singer.



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0136_bb1 0136_bb2


Divine BBMademoiselle Brigitte BardotMademoiselle Bardot


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Brigitte Bardot is a nobody says some of her hardest critics, she’s nothing, just an empty shell in a wonderful wrapping.

The 23 year old moviestar with the fantastic career is afraid of everything they say. Afraid of flying, afraid of ghosts, afraid of uniforms, afraid of the competition – even from her 18 year old sister, Mijanou. But most of all, afraid of the jubilant but unreliable fans. They have put me on a pedestal, and I feel that they want to break the statue, she told a journalist the other day.

Brigitte’s strange behaviour at the Cannes festival this year, must bee seen agains this strange background. Four years ago, she was one of the many unknown young girls that make the beaches in Cannes so colorful. She waded the lazy surf, decadently half undressed making photographers swarm around her lice bees around a honey pot. She ended up on magazine covers the world round, and she was discovered.

She claims to have no talent at all, but in three years she has made 18 movies. Her wages have gone from 2500 pounds a movie to 37.500. That’s what she got for her participation in George Simonon, the master of suspence’s "In Case Of Bad Luck".

The Cover of the Swedish magazine "BILD" No 23 – June 5th 1957, from which this article is taken.

Bardot with her sister, Mijanou.

It looks like Brigitte has hit a streak of bad luck these days. The world press, who have written their typewriters glowing hot in praise of the French blonde have suddenly started to fill their columns poisenous articles about her. They all seam to have tired of their young, blonde favourite.

The Bardot myth is dead it is said, burnt out at the age of 23. Yes, it realy looks that way. Her nerves have collapsed once before. That time she was saved by Roger Vadim Plemianneikoff, the Russian photographer. He brought her to Rome where she landed two movie parts.

The French directors that had regarded her as youngster without talent got them selves an eye opener. So when she got back from her "nerve" holliday in Italy, they opened their wallets and Vadim got to make "And God Created Women" with his girl bride in the leading role. And that was the end of that love story and the beginning of a new. Brigitte fell in love with the male lead in the movie, the super male Jean-Louis Trintignant, so now he’s holding her hands when the ghost hour arives.



Do I ever use a comb, no I’m so good with my fingers, says Brigitte as she works on her new flat in Paris.

Through my windows the sun will shine ads Brigitte, contemplating an interieur detail, while ordering curtains overthe phone.

0088_brigitte_06 This is quality. Brigitte makes a bargin in a fabric shop. She loves beautiful clothes and can make them herself if it comes to that.

If Brigitte Bardot is on her way back to the top, at least she knows what it feels like. She’s been as high as a Fench actor can come. None of her colleagues, not even Gérard Phillipe or Michèle Morgan can fill movie theatres like she can.

The English paper Sunday Chronicle once wrote; In comparison with this playfull kitten, other young girls are like weak limonade. LIFE magazine paid her an even greater compliment; We have never before seen so much sex appeal concentrated in one enchanting little being.

Anyone who knows a little something about Brigitte Bardot will know that her career was far from over at the age 23, it had hardly begun – Ted

Image gallery of a daring young Brigitte Bardot

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