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Article from Mechanics And Handicraft found on modernmechanix.com

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The Vanden Plas Princess chassis was a very popular choice in coachbuilding during the 1960s in Britain. Along with fully built limousines, they were used under ambulances, hearses and other vehicles such as this caravan that was photographed in Lancashire, England. This Princess 4-litre caravan had 12,000 miles from new when it was advertised in the December 1977 issue of Hemmings. This is a 1967 caravan, with Rolls-Royce Phantom automatic gearbox and Connolly hide upholstery; it was alleged to have been kept in mint condition.

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Quite a nifty thing to hook up to your car for a week end on the country side. And look, even a woman can work it. Dad can stay home and watch football and drink beer – Ted

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623_The Carcajou1

Early version of The Carcajou with center-hinged hood. Photos courtesy GM Heritage Center.

You may, as many have, once wondered what you would do if you owned a car company. If you were Paul Seiler, president of the Yellow Truck & Coach Mfg. Company, better known as General Motors Truck Corp., then you would get hold of a preproduction 1929 Z-250 Yellow Coach, eight months before the public debut. As the Depression hadn’t hit yet, you would convince someone in accounting to release about $25,000 to you, and have the factory build it into what was probably the most luxurious vehicle on wheels, The Carcajou (wolverine).

623_The Carcajou2

Does your Duesenberg have one of these? It does not.

Ostensibly, Seiler had it built to tour YT&CMC dealers and production facilities, and he did record at least 3,000 miles in it over the next couple of years. But it was also described as being his vacation home, and while it did seat 14 in day configuration, it seated them in easy chairs and couches. The Z-250 drew its name from a 250-inch wheelbase and had power from a 105hp Knight. It was reportedly good for 65 MPH and carried 65 gallons of gas.

Text and images from HemmingsDaily

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… traveling in style and comfort I don’t know what is – Ted

Decoliner and accessories:
The wild custom Blastolene build called “The Decoliner” is basically what Flash Gorden’s Airstream motor home would look like. This 26 ft aluminum beauty features a flying bridge, complete with driving station and room for 5 passengers on the roof! This was designed and conceived as the ultimate promotional vehicle. The specific layout of the RV’s interior can be tailored to your particular needs. If you’d like something like this custom built for you, please fill out out Contact Us form for Randy Grubb with some comments and we’ll see what we can do for you!

See the building process here


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Dutch ‘Kip’-caravan, manufactured in Hoogeveen in Netherland.  A bit more comfortable than the classic teardrop camper, still light enough for any car to be able to pull it.

Image found at vintage-trailers


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There was a day when a camper like this was enough for a family of four. Most of those families took their campers out of the photo studio and onto the road of course – Ted 😉

Image found at FarbrorSid – One of my favourite blogs. The text is in Swedish, but there are enough images to look at. Cars and babes, the lot.

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