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Aunt Mabel has always been proud of her legs. At the top picture here we see her in a friendly “best legs on the campsite” at White Cliff Bay on the Isle of Wight during the summer holiday of 1969. Due to heavy 153flirting with several of the judges promising the most outrages naughtiness in her tear-drop camper she won of course.

Her ample supply of home made booze that she served the judges from the kitchen end of her camper just before the competition started may have had something to do with the result as well.

Looking at the size of her camper one might wonder how much outrages naughtiness there is actually room for in there, but men are so easily fooled aren’t they.152

On the other hand, Aunt Mabel is known to appreciate her naughtiness more than most as we all know so who knows what she keeps inside that small tear-drop.

Young Johnny might have been able to shed some light on the subject, he has been camping with Mabel often enough, but he know how to keep his mouth shut the naughty sod.

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That’s what I call camping in style and comfort – Ted

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A novel camping trailer has been produced in London which is hailed with delight by lovers of the outdoors because of the comfort it provides. The trailer, compact when closed, is attached to the rear of the automobile by a device which makes it ride easily with a minimum of side sway. But when camp is made the sides of the trailer let down to increase the available space and a door at the end provides access to the interior where there is ample headroom.

Text and image from an article in Modern Mechanix, Dec 1929 – found at  “blog.modernmechanix.com

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These kind of camping trailers were very popular in Scandinavia when I was a kid. Several were produced in Norway and we had two different ones and I loved going on holidays or for week end trips with them both. Good memories, really good memories – Ted

Image found at “Vintage Ads

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From Popular Science Monthly, August 1939 – Found at “blog.modernmechanix.com

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If you can’t afford the Airstream trailer in the last post or any other trailer for that matter then this might be just the thing for you. It looks like the bloke is preparing some sort of roofing even. Although not the best arrangements for windy day, rather a nifty idea.

  Image found at:Chromjuwelen-En-Route

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Another of my collections of images on Picasa. Camping memories this time and in both colour and black’n’white as the last one. My family often went on camping trips when I was a small kid, so I hope you’ll enjoy these images as much as I do.

  To the gallery:The-Gallery

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