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Want One!


Note that Santa is dressed in blue, he was originally, before the advertising agencies started to take interest in him – Ted 😉

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Here’s a selfie of aunt Mabel just before she plugged in her Christmas tree lights in 1968. Not one to think much about her own safety (or others) when plastered she had the bright idea of doing this in the middle of a  large dish wash. Due to her soaking wet hands she got a massive electric shock that threw her straight on her back where she remained unconscious till most of the Christmas was over.

This made her swear never to celebrate Christmas again and this she has kept to this day. As Christmas draw near she goes  to Cuba where she finds herself a cheap bar and an eager young native lover to keeps her in booze and bodily naughtiness. She usually returns in time to celebrate the new year with young Johnny’s family where she embarrasses every one with tacky tales about her mischiefs among the communists. 

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a1137_the king

Let the King of Rock’n’Roll bring the spirit of Christmas to your humble home 😉 Yours for the affordable price of $119,94. Tackiness does not come cheap these days – Ted

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…. someone has cloned Santa!!!!!

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….Christmas cookies now people 005

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All posts material: “Sauce” and “Gentleman’s Relish” by Ronnie Barker – Hodder & Stoughton in 1977

Footer At Christmas


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A Practical Kid

A notice from Monroe City Democrat, December 13, 1900


It’s obvious that what would happen to good old Santa if he should slip on the icy roof was of no concern to pretty Mary Mudd as long as the doll came whole down the chimney – Ted 😉

Notice found at questionableadvice

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