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Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse looks unreal. It is located on the coast of the North Sea in Rubjerg, Hjørring Municipality, Denmark. Construction began in 1899 and it was first lit on December 27, 1900.

In August of 1968 the lighthouse ceased operating but remained open as a coffee shop and museum. In 2002 it was all abandoned because of the intensely shifting sands. By 2009 the buildings were removed because of the damage caused by the pressure of the sand. It is believed that the tower will fall into the sea by 2023.

Check it out on Google Maps or Earth with these coordinates 57°26’56.02”N 9°46’27.66”E. I couldn’t see it well with Google Maps, but I know it’s there because you can plainly see it’s shadow across the sand!

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From the 33rd edition of “XXth Century Health And Pleasure Resorts Of Europe” published in 1933

bok_front_small_thumb[1]_thumbCONSTITUTION – Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, in which the legislative authority is exercised by the Crown and Parliament jointly. The King appoints the Ministers. Parliament consists of the Folketing and the Landsting. The Folketing is elected by all men and women of over 25 and the Landsting by those over 35.

HEAD OF STATE: King Christian X.
Area: 44,300 km2.
Capital: Copenhagen. (Population 770,000.)
Currency: Kroner and Øre. I Kr. = 100 Øre.
Language: Danish.
Population: 3 ½ millions.
Density: 79.0 per km2.

The charm of the country, the hospitality of the people and the healthy climate make Denmark an ideal holiday resort, and those who have visited the country have found much to interest them. Copenhagen is one of the brightest of northern capitals and possesses many fine buildings, including the Stock Exchange and Towers. Thorvaldsen’s Museum is of considerable interest. The Castle of Kronberg (the scene of Shakespeare’s "Hamlet") by the entrance to the Sound, can easily be visited from Copenhagen. Education is of a high standard. Anyone interested in farming should visit the large co-operative dairy centres.

Rough classification of some of the places worth visiting:

IMPORTANT TOWNS: Copenhagen (the Capital) and Aarhus (the second largest town), both interesting also from the sight-seer’s point of view.


PICTURESQUE TOWNS: Aalborg, Faaborg, Odense (Island of Funen), the birthplace of Hans Andersen.

PORTS: Copenhagen (the key to the Baltic), Esbjerg (the Scandinavian Route steamers from Harwich land here). Svendborg (island excursion centre).

SEA SIDE RESORTS: (good sands) Fand, Skagen (The Scaw).

WHEN VISITING DENMARK, travel by the SCANDINAVIAN ROUTE via Harwich-Esbjerg. Sailings every weekday. The Boat Train "Scandinavian" leaves London (Liverpool Street Station) 7:42 p.m. Restaurant Car attached.

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Must all rock’n’roll events be ruined by hooligans, it looks like it. In spite of the fact that most of the youth present are nothing but rock enthusiasts and thereby quite harmless, hooligans manage to mingle into the masses to do their destructive deeds.

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