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Michael Harding, a British comedian, writer, radio personality and song artist has a story on one of his records about a lot of families in his street going to Blackpool in a charabanc they had rented. As they drove off, kids from families who couldn’t afford to join ran alongside the bus calling: “I hope all them donkeys are dead.”

This became a standard between a very good friend and me back then and still is (we’re both big fans of Mr Harding). Every time one or the other mentioned something he was going to do or places he was going to, the other would immediately say: “I hope all them donkeys are dead.” And now more than 30 years later we still do.

Late last night he called me telling me he was going to a Dixie Chicks concert here in Oslo to day and without even thinking I said: “I hope all them donkeys are dead.” – Ted

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