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This time the gallery feature Martin Von Maele’s illustrations from “La Grande Danse Macabre des Vifs”, Paul Avril’s illustrations from “Fanny Hill” and a series of illustrations by Franz von Bayros.

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Another round of erotic artwork for your enjoyment. three different smaller series this time, unfortunately not signed, so there is no way to knowing who has done them. But from the style of the clothing on these drawings the oldest one seem to have been done round the turn of the last century and the two others between the mid thirties and early fifties. Which means that these kind of motives was still something that could put you behind bars, so signing them was probably not very smart.

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watercolour_01_018Another round of erotic artwork for your enjoyment. Watercolours this time, unfortunately not signed, so there is no way to knowing who has done them. But from the style of the clothing on these drawings they seem to have been done in a time when working with these kind of motives was still something that could put you behind bars, so signing them was probably not what you’d call good basic thinking.

71 rather naughty watercolours:

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A few of these images may have been posted on other galleries, but my obsession with sorting got the better of me and before I knew it I had started sorting my collection of erotic drawings and illustrations. More sorted series will follow – Ted

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Centred on a recently discovered cache of drawings carried out for the ‘erotic underground’ market of the 1950s or possibly for the artist’s own entertainment, this book shows that, yes, the Brits did have sex between 1945 and 1963. The title refers to the name of the artist: ‘There is no doubt that we are dealing with one of the great lost talents of British erotic art and we have called him "The Master of the College Nurse", in the same way that anonymous old master painters were similarly named. A fascinating look at some rare 1950s ‘underground’ erotica which was illegal at the time.

These explicit (some would say pornographic) drawings are accompanied by an account of the sexual exploits of the title’s heroine, the voluptuous Nurse Pam Craig: seductress, blackmail-victim, sex icon, and martyr to a promiscuous lust that renders the word ‘nymphomaniac’ obsolete.

  27 drawings from the book:
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A lot of well known artists have worked with erotic themes in their parts of their production. And some are only known for this part of their work.

In this day and age, artists are free to do this but going back 100 years or more,  working with erotic themes  was quite a risk to take and more than one artist ended up in prison for exhibiting their pictures.

Here’s an ImageBarn gallery featuring well over a hundred drawings and illustrations of an erotic nature ranging from early 19th century till present day.

To the gallery: To-the-gallery A list of all online galleries:My-Online-Galleries

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Félicien Rops (7 July 1833 – 23 August 1898) was a Belgian artist, and printmaker in etching and aquatint.

Rops was born in Namur in 1833, and was educated at the University of Brussels. Rops’s forté was drawing more than painting in oils; he first won fame as a caricaturist.

Rops met Charles Baudelaire towards the end of Baudelaire’s life in 1864, and Baudelaire left an impression upon him that lasted until the end of his days. Rops created the frontispiece for Baudelaire’s Les Épaves, a selection of poems from Les Fleurs du mal that had been censored in France, and which therefore were published in Belgium.

Rops’s association with Baudelaire and with the art he represented won his work the admiration of many other writers, including Théophile Gautier, Alfred de Musset, Stéphane Mallarmé, Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly, and Joséphin Péladan. He was closely associated with the literary movement of Symbolism and Decadence.

Like the works of the authors whose poetry he illustrated, his work tends to mingle sex, death, and Satanic images. Felicien Rops was one of the founding members of Société Libre des Beaux-Arts of Brussels (Free Society of Fine Arts, 1868–1876) and Les XX ("The Twenty," formed 1883).

Rops’s eyesight began to fail in 1892. He kept up his literary associations until his death. Félicien Rops was a freemason and a member of the Grand Orient of Belgium.


01555_rops_03 Félicien Rops
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