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HMS Blossom was an 18-gun Cormorant-class sloop-of-war. She was built in 1806 and is best known for the 1825–1828 expedition under Captain Beechey to the Pacific Ocean. She explored as far north as Point Barrow, Alaska, the furthest point into the Arctic any non-Inuit had been at the time. She was finally broken up in 1848.

On 26 February 1808 Blossom was in company with Eclipse when they captured the Sally and Hetty, William Fleming, Master.

Jean BartIn the mid-morning of 23 February 1812, a strange schooner sailed towards Blossom, which was five leagues off Cabrera, mistaking her for a merchantman. When the schooner realized her mistake a five-hour chase followed before Blossom was able to capture the Jean Bart. Jean Bart was of 147.5 tons burthen and had been launched in Marseilles only five weeks earlier. She was armed with five 12 and two 6-pounder guns, and had a crew of 106 men under the command of Jean Francis Coulome. She had made no captures but within the previous five days her excellent sailing had enabled her to evade two British frigates and a brig.

Blossom was re-rated as a 24-gun sixth rate in February 1817. She was converted to serve as an exploration ship in 1825, and on her return used as a survey ship from 1829.

Blossom was hulked as a lazarette at Sheerness in January 1833, and was broken up at Chatham in August 1848.

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Starting out from Touggourt (Algeria), Georges-Marie Haardt, Louis Audoin-Dubreuil and a team of 10 people, including several army officers and a geographer, made it to Timbuktu (Sudan) in 20 days. But what was it exactly that made these men set out to conquer a region considered to be one of the world’s most inhospitable ?

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