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I must admit that it’s hardly the top guns among the mad men, neither among the image people nor the text people who have made the ad above. On the other hand they have zeroed down on two of the surest subjects when it comes to catching peoples interest. SEX and WW II. And combined these two are always a winner.

Who wouldn’t want to read Mussolini and Hitler’s love  letters to Claretta Petacci and Eva Braun. Although the teaser text from Benito’s letter there is disappointingly tame. I’ve seen his speeches on TV and they are definitely full of piss and vinegar so one should be able to expect more from his love letters. Anyhow, I bet the Police Gazette’s sales hit the roof for that next issue.

By the way, the way the two of them look at each other on the ad one would think the love letters they wrote were to each other, and who knows, maybe that was the sensation of the century – Ted

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Text from Wikipedia, images from How To Be A Retronaut

Auto Union, founded in 1932, was an amalgamation of four German automobile manufacturers. Its Chairman, Klaus, Baron von Oertzen, wanted a show piece project to announce the new brand. At the 1933 Berlin Motor Show, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler announced a state-sponsored motor racing programme: to develop a “high speed German automotive industry”


“At fellow director’s Adolf Rosenberger insistence, von Oertzen, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, German racing driver Hans Stuck, and Rosenberger approached the Chancellor. In a meeting in the Reich Chancellory, Hitler agreeed to pay ₤40,000 for the country’s best racing car of 1934, as well as an annual stipend of 250,000Reichmarks each for Mercedes and Auto Union.”




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Back then you were helping Hitler, now you’re help speeding up the global  warming.
Hitler’s signal value as a symbol of evil was much stronger than the temperature rising ever so slowly year by year, so maybe that’s why most people ride alone going to work still.
Besides back then you might  be called a nazi, all you risk now is being called sceptical to the scientists work.

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