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Castoria 1951

These strange laxative ads from the fifties turns up all over the place for the time being and they makes me wonder what ever children over there in the US ate back then. I can’t remember ever having needed a laxative and least of all as a child and neither can I remember any of my friends back then needing any. Another thing I notice is that the child is always a boy child as though it was quite all right to force feed girl children with medicines of all sort.

Well, that was a digression. Over to the ad it self. Notice that this particular laxative contains nature’s own vegetable products, as if there are any other sort. (My guess would be beans or yellow peas, we all know how those suckers set the bowls in motion).

The text people must have had a field day with this one and the slogan is a classic; “Taste So Good Children Lick the Spoon!” Yeah, right.

And don’t miss the bottom line: “Especially Made For Infants and Children of All Ages”. Tell me, isn’t that almost what they used to print on board games in the old days.

The game is on! Let’s have a few spoonful’s and see who farts first – Ted

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