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The Brayton Theatre on Atlantic Boulevard,  Long Beach opened in July 1925. After it closed in the early-1950’s, it reopened for a while showing serials etc on Saturday & Sunday mornings. It then closed for good. In 1967 it was reopened as part of the War on Poverty as a Teen Post, teaching acting skills to youngsters in the neighborhood. It was later torn down to make way for a Filipino church.

Image and text found on cinematreasures.org

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No half naked women or muscle flexing he-men on the beach back in 1910, just decently dressed people chilling in the sand. Image from “USC Digital Library” and the caption runs:

Photograph of many people (mostly not in bathing suits, but rather fully clothed) sunbathing on the beach in front of the two-story Bath House with grand portico in Long Beach, ca.1910. An American flag flies from the roof. The ocean is not visible. Part of the city is visible in the background at right.

Image found at USC Digital Library:UCS-Digital-Library

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