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Patent print for a board game apparatus called Monopoly filed August 31, 1935. Sheet 1 of 7. Inventor Charles B Darrow.

I’m a real shark at Monopoly, no one wants to play it with me anymore even though I’ve got a luxury version from Franklin Mint – Ted 😦


Patent print from etsy

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Posted on BrandChannel by Barry Silverstein on February 16
01854_monoMonopoly purists will shake their heads at this one. Hasbro is promoting an updated version of the classic game, called Monopoly Live, at this week’s Toy Fair in New York, where toy and game manufacturers show off their latest products for 2011.

Monopoly Live, slated for release this fall, still has the familiar board, but along with it comes a decidedly unfamiliar new addition — a Big Brother-ish infrared tower that acts very much like an airport control tower, telling all the players what to do when. It even prevents them from cheating.

And what happened to Monopoly money in the new version? Well that’s gone too — now players slip electronic cards into little red devices, not unlike miniature ATMs, to find out how much money they have left. Sheesh.

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