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I’,m afraid you’re going to have to wait a while for the midnight sun. I didn’t realise that this was a created playlist. Make yourself a cup of coffee, loosen your tie and prepare for a round trip of Europe 😉

Movie found on travelfilmarchive on Youtube

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Movie from travelfilmarchive on Youtube

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From the 33rd edition of “XXth Century Health And Pleasure Resorts Of Europe” published in 1933

bok_front_small_thumb[1]_thumbGOVERNMENT – A constitutional monarchy. The King acts through his Council of State, who are nominated by him. This Council in reality depends on the popular Assembly. The Storting (15O members) is elected every 3 years by universal suffrage of both sexes over 23 on the principle of proportional representation, The Storting elect a quarter of their number who constitute the Lagsting, the remaining three-quarters forming the Odelsting. All legislation is proposed by the Odelsting, and, if accepted, is sent to the Lagsting, which either rejects or approves. In case of repeated rejection by the Lagsting the two Houses meet in joint sitting as the Storting, where a two-thirds majority is required to pass a Bill.

Area: 323,793 km2.
Capital: Oslo. Population over 250 thousand.
Currency: Kroner and øre. 1kr = 100 øre.
Language: Norwegian.
Population: 2 ½ to 3 million.
Density: 9 per km2.
Weights and Measures: Decimal.


Nowhere in the World can the traveller find greater restfulness (without comparative isolation) than in Norway, always provided that he avoids the tourist centres during their busy season, viz. from the middle of June to the end of August. Even then, real tranquillity can always be obtained by slightly diverging from the regular tourist track and by avoiding the Midnight Sun Mania. A sojourn at any time in one of the out-of-the-way Fjord-Resorts or Inland Hotels is perhaps the most restful and inexpensive of all holidays to be had within easy reach of England.

The unique mixture of land and water caused by the beautiful fjords penetrating in every direction into the very heart of the country, prevents much railway work, so that nearly all travelling is done by water. The regular Norwegian steamers are quieter than the large foreign boats and are very comfortable, the smaller ones being specially recommended, as they alone ‘skirt the coast through the narrow passages and smooth water, where larger vessels cannot go. This inner coast and fjord scenery is unlike that in any other country and offers a variety that never palls. During the Summer months car services connect the more important Fjord termini.

The state Railway between Oslo and Bergen penetrates some of the finest inland scenery, rising to an altitude of 4000 feet, the railway to Trondhjem stops at all places of interest, and the line through the beautiful Gudbransdal now extends beyond Domaas, rejoining the Trondhjem Line in the one direction and extending to Bjørli in the other.

In Winter, Oslo, Finse and other places on the Bergen-Oslo Railway and Gudbransdal districts are strongly recommended to those who love Winter Sports of all kinds. Skiing is of course the favorite sport in the country of its origin and can be carried on till towards the end of April.

During the Summer, fast, comfortable passenger steamers run northwards from Trondhjem through a chain of fjords and lakes to Bodø, Narvik (railway terminus), Tromsø and the North Cape. From Bodø onwards the midnight sun can be seen in all its glory during June and the first two weeks of July (longer of course in the North). Fishing and shooting is plentiful, furs can be purchased for comparatively little, and the animal life generally is interesting.

The best time for fishing is the latter half of June and the whole of July in the South, in the North also the first two weeks of August. The shooting season lasts from August 25th to March 14th with slight variations in the case of certain game.

The Summer season is June to September 15th approximately. For Climbing, July is best. The Winter season is February, March and April and extends into May in the mountains. Clothing should be light and warm with full protection against rain at all times of the year, For Motoring, Norway now offers every facility. Roads between main tourist centres are good, and those connecting up the smaller resorts have in late years undergone considerable improvement. The B. and N. Line Royal Mail Ltd. (Newcastle-on-Tyne-Bergen Route)’ make special arrangements for the conveyance of motorists visiting Norway for holiday purposes.

Further information can be obtained from the B. and N. Line Royal Mail Ltd., 25, Whitehall, London, S. W. 1.

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A tree has been given every year to Britain since 1947 by Norway in gratitude for Britain’s support for the country during the Second World War. Norway’s Government-in-Exile was based in Kensington while the country was under German occupation.

Text and image from The National Archives UK’s photostream on Flickr

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Norway before the oil – Ted 😉

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Two postcards typical for serial produced Norwegian cards in the 1960s
Text in English on the back on the one at the top:
Victoria Hotel, Lillehammer, with open-air restaurant the “Terrace”
Text in English on the back on the one at the bottom:
View from the Peer Gynt road, Gudbarandsdal Valley
From my collection of old postcards – Ted

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1174893_oh2In the mid-19th century King Oscar I had the pleasure palace of Oscarshall built on rising ground above the innermost arm of the Oslo Fjord. Since 1863 it has been at the King’s disposal. Oscarshall is regarded as Norway’s neo-Gothic showpiece and a monument to mid-19th century Norwegian art. Terraces with fountains at different levels lead down to the sea.

Guided tours
Guided tours of Oscarshall (in Norwegian) are held every hour during opening hours. The final tour starts at 4 pm. Pre-booked group tours are also available.

Top image from “old-picture.com” – Text from “visitoslo.com

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