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Recreated from an article in the men’s magazine Eve No 3 from 1962

Gentlemen, this is it! Britain’s answer to the French kitten, Bridgette Bardot. Her name is Rosina Revelle, five feet three inches of pure dynamite.

img_01Got your breath back yet? … Good. Now, we’ll get on a little further.

It’s not hard to figure out why Rosina is being heralded as Britain’s Bardot. Even though she has many inches that Bardot hasn’t, at least she has them in the right places.

img_03Rosina was an usherette in a movie house before she was spotted, that is by the right people, of course. With’ a figure like hers it is sheer waste to keep it hidden away in the dark of a cinema. Something like this has to be seen so it wasn’t long before Rosina was modelling with great success. Photographers from all over the globe were clamouring for her services and her photographs were appearing in magazines all around the world.

Today Rosina Revel is quite a celebrity herself from her small suburban home to her apartment in London she is really beginning to live. She has a wardrobe that would be the envy of most women. She says she has over a hundred and fifty gowns of various descriptions. Recently she bought herself a small sports car and is fast becoming the terror of the English countryside. We say this in a humorous vein for we have driven with Rosina and she is in fact a very competent driver. Although as most young people like to do, she loves to drive fast and of course, in Britain there are many roads without any speed limits.


And so we have another success story, for in a few short years Rosina has progressed from an usherette to a top model, from tight suburban living to gaiety at Mayfair. She has progressed from being an unknown woman to being a celebrity. It really does our hearts good to see things going on in the world like this. So maybe there are more young contenders who will be encouraged by Rosina’s success and they, too, will be able to delight the eyes of our readers in the near future.



Honestly, it took more than a smashing set of knockers to compete with Brigitte Bardot back in the fifties and sixties.  By the time Rosina was 16 her measurements were 46-26-38 and her place in history was assured … which is just as well, because by the time she was 19, her parents finally found out what she was doing. She never modelled again – Ted

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