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Suddenly Aunt Mabel regretted that she had told her two friends that she was wearing no knickers that day in the park.


There was one thing to prefer to practice playing the violin without wearing any knickers in the privacy of her own home, quite another to go for a picnic without any.

At home young Johnny was the only one who could see her and he didn’t mind at all of course. It became rather embarrassing when her two friends in the park insisted on having a look.

Young Johnny preferred rock as any sane young man of course, but with a view like this, who care what music is being played.

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Flashback from Flickr


Came across this image on Flickr and it brought a nice flashback as we had a camping table set just like this

What people used to do on the week end around my neck of the wood back in the fifties was to pack the car and go for a spin around the country side. We’d bring bulging picnic baskets, camping chairs and tables, blankets, cooking gear, you know, the lot. Then we’d find a nice quiet spot, preferably by water of some kind, a lake, a river or even a small stream. Then we’d empty the car and have our self a really nice time. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from just trips like these.


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