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Here we got an ad that goes right to the point visitors. If you didn’t catch the “action zone” badge it’s time to go bed or maybe to an optician. Unfortunately the ad leave it up to our sordid imaginations to guess exactly what the “action zone” really is. Is he wearing a pair of pants that let him get his pecker out in a flash, or is it a pair of pants extra well suited for a little pocket tennis. Or is it simply a pair of pants that leaves room for a solid woody. Who knows?

And while our sordid minds still ponder what the “action zone” might be we catch “Now With Extra Large Snack Sack!” and our imagination gets even more sordid fuel. Well, what ever it is, the man’s lady friend seems to be rather satisfied with both his “Action Zone” and his “Snack Sack” unlike her poodle.

PS! I’m fully aware of the fact that we again might have to do with a photoshoped ad, but do I care. It gave me a big healthy laugh that ended in a rather naughty snicker. And what more can you ask.

If any of you visitors out there has more information on these strange pair of pants, please share – Ted 😉

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