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Image found on Hagley Transportation Museum

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a1164_child labour

Who would have thought fat jolly old Santa kept plump small arian children prisoner up there at the North Pole forcing them to make toys all year round. Naughty, naughty Santa.

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a1154_santa honda
My first motorbike was 125 cc Honda similar to this, mine was red too 🙂

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Lucky Sod!

a1152_lucky santa

Image found at pinuptown.com

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…. someone has cloned Santa!!!!!

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Image found at Retrogasm

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A Practical Kid

A notice from Monroe City Democrat, December 13, 1900


It’s obvious that what would happen to good old Santa if he should slip on the icy roof was of no concern to pretty Mary Mudd as long as the doll came whole down the chimney – Ted 😉

Notice found at questionableadvice

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Santa Surfing


I admit that he’s got his work cut out for him round the 24th, but on the other hand that fat sod works only one day a year – Ted

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All In A Days Work–Part 2


I would love to know what that stupid cop thinks about all these images he turns up in all over the net – Ted

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Muradtumblr_lw5ebsIqdI1qhmkv2o1_500tumblr_lw2lg7iB8R1qz4x8xo1_5004154391885_4a3dcc6a65_b - Copy4172426828_fe8383079a_b4197512837_fbf8761794_b

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All In A Day’s Work


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Sleazy Santa


Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, thieves, and children.  Note this particular Santa’s hat; not the white fur trimmed one we are used to seeing, and very similar to ones we see on some sailors in historic nautical art.

One thing’s for sure, I’d keep that particularly sleazy Santa away from children. That bloke is not trustworthy in any meaning of the word – Ted

Image and text found at “Standing At The Edge

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I’m not very found of the modern Santa as I’ve mentioned in other posts, on the other hand I’m very fond of Joseph Christian Leyendecker so to bring a little more Christmas spirit to the site I’ll give his Santa a go. Here’s a sketch for a Saturday Evening Post cover.


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What’s wrong with these pretty babe’s mothers. Have they never told their daughters not to take candy from strangers. Just look at the leering look on that blokes face, not in search of good children that’s for sure. And what a strange way to dress at the beach. Scary bloke that one.



Image found at Bibi’s Fffound:Bibi's-Fffound

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