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Baby, take off your coat…real slow
Baby, take off your shoes…here, I’ll take your shoes
Baby, take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

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……  quite much actually

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The French sex symbol announced her retirement just before she turned 40 and devoted her life to animal welfare; the sultry Italian star posed for a Pirelli calendar only three years ago and is still making movies. Elizabeth Day says they both deserve respect

Loren posting for the Pirelli calendar and Bardot on the way to meet Sarkozy

When Sophia Loren turned 72 three years ago, she celebrated by posing semi-naked for a Pirelli calendar alongside a handful of women less than half her age. Wearing a silk negligée, she draped herself languorously under a bed sheet with her head tilted sensually upwards in a suggestion of ecstatic abandon. A Vatican aide was moved to comment that, if the Pope ever changed his stance on human cloning, it would be because of Loren.

In the same year, Brigitte Bardot was photographed on her way to a meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy, then French interior minister, to discuss cruelty against Canadian seals. Bardot was dressed in black and limping on crutches because of a nagging hip complaint. According to one mid-market tabloid, her appearance was marked by "sagging jowls covered in heavy make-up and a wiry, unkempt patch of greying hair".

The comparison might seem ungracious, but Bardot has the misfortune of being almost exactly the same age as her fellow actress: this month they will both turn 75 within days of each other. These two cinematic legends of the 1960s have chosen to age in very different ways, provoking very different public reactions. Their forthcoming birthdays prompt the inevitable question: how should an icon best grow old?

My thoughts on Loren young or old is well known on this blog 😉 and so are my thoughts on the young Bardot. And Bardot has my respect for her work for animal rights, but she has also grown into a hard headed fascist and that deserves no one’s respect – Ted

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Long before little Ted had detected why there was a difference between boys and girls and what that difference could lead to he liked to look at pictures in magazines. Norwegian magazines back in the fifties were very full of mono-chrome pictures of film stars, Italian ones in particular and among them was of course Sophia Loren. Those pictures evoke feelings in little Ted he didn’t understand but still liked very much.

Every time I see one of those old black & white photos of Sophia I’m momentarily brought back to the fifties and can’t help a little smile playing over my lips. Memories are strange and wondrous things.

Here’s about 50 of those old black & whites – Ted

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Above is a National Enquirer published in 1965 with Italian actress and sex symbol Sophia Loren on the cover and her husband, film producer Carlo Ponti, in the upper left inset. Ponti claims he married the perfect female animal, which is interesting considering the marriage was not recognized in his home country. The problem was Ponti had married Giuliana Fiastri back in 1946, and divorce was illegal in Italy. Undeterred, he and Loren were married by proxy in Mexico in 1957 (i.e., two lawyers stood in for the couple, who were still back in Italy). When Pope John XXIII found out, he threatened Ponti and Loren with excommunication, eternal damnation, and so forth. This drama actually played out across the reigns of two Popes, because John XXIII exited from the scene via stomach cancer in 1963, giving way to Paul VI, who reiterated the whole excommunication/flaming pit/blood rain thing. In the end, Ponti and Loren became French citizens and—voilà—married in France. It was quite a lot of trouble to go through for a spouse, so you’d expect nothing less than for Ponti to call Loren a perfect female.

But was she the perfect female? Well, we only have visual evidence and judging by that I’d say he was right – Ted

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Sophia Loren is one of my absolutely favourite among the classic European actresses and I guess that enjoying her matchless beauty is the reason that I had seen this photo on the net several times before I realized that the unimportant guy in the background is actually standing there pissing into the water – Ted

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More images of the beautiful Sophia
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