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After a very extensive and thorough renovation work S/S Norrskär returned to service in early May 2012, to all steamboat lover’s delight. Norrskär was built at Eriksbergs’s Mechanical Workshop as Sandhamn Express in 1910 and is today one of twelve passenger steamboats which has survived as a living heritage of the 200 steamboats that once existed at Lake Mälaren and the Stockholm archipelago.

The steam boat got the name Norrskär when it was taken over by Vaxholm company in 1948, which through Blidösundsbolaget still run the boat, now part of the greater Stockholm public transport.

From an article in the Swedish magazine “Nostalgia” – No 7,  2013
Text: L Berns

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Ad and text from Ward-Lock & Co’s “Illustrated Guide Book for London” – The 1910 edition


STEAMBOATS – For many centuries the Thames was London’s most important highway and the scene of all her greatest pageants and ceremonies, but the development of other means of communication led gradually to the abandonment of the river. For several years no steamers at all were run, but in 1905 the County Council established a municipal service. Although the steamers were well patronized during the summer months, it was conclusively proved that a municipal service could only be maintained at a loss. A resumption of the services is possible but it will be by private enterprise.

DOWN THE RIVER – During the summer, the fine vessels of the New Palace Steamers Co., Ltd., the General Steam Navigation Co., and the Belle Steamers, Ltd., make daily trips down the river to Tilbury, Southend, Margate, Ramsgate, Deal, Dover, Lowestoft, Yarmouth and other places, starting from London Bridge in the early morning. For details as to times and fares see daily papers, and for description of places of interest en route consult our Guide to Margate. The other places referred to are all included in various volumes of this series.

UP THE RIVER – A number of vessels make daily passages during the summer to Kew, Richmond, Hampton Court, etc. Luncheon and tea are served on board at moderate prices. See advertisements.

Those were the days visitors – Ted 🙂

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