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“MARRIED – No reason to neglect stockings! Constant runs are unsightly. Husbands admire wives who keep their stockings perfect. Lovely stockings add so much to your appearance Don’t risk constant runs, snacky seams and wrinkles.”

Man, I love the look on that bloke’s face, he looks like he’s looking at something particularly disgusting the cat brought in. Unfortunately I have little experience with stocking runs, snacky seams and wrinkles as my tastes lean more towards the tomboy type of girls. Blue jeans and long gipsy skirts don’t wrinkle that easy. On the other hand, should I ever come across said stockings I hardly think my reaction would quite match the bloke on the picture’s.

Besides, I’m not married anymore and haven’t been for 20 years and my girlfriend is 21 years younger than me and you don’t criticise all that much then 😉 – Ted

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