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One of Fiat’s few failures – but a magnificent one – was the Fiat Tipo 520 "Superfiat", a 6.8-litre V12 of advanced design, unveiled in 1921. Only a handful of these machines saw the light of day, but the overall design was so promising that Fiat simplified and adapted it for production as the Tipo 519, with a 4.8 litre, six-cylinder engine and massive hydro-mechanical, servo- assisted brake drums on all four wheels. The sporting Tipo 5198 version (above) had a handsome vee radiator and flared wings.

The 520 "Super Fiat" An attempt by Fiat to enter into the more luxurious end of the car market, the 520 or ‘Super Fiat’ was the first (and the last) car with that badge to use a V12 engine. Other production-Fiat firsts were coil and distributor ignition, overhead valves and the red circular Fiat badge first seen on the 801 Corsa racecar. Only a couple of cars were built, almost certainly less than five, with Torpedo and Dorsay-Torpedo bodies.

The 520 The 520 name was resurrected for this new model in 1927, after having been used earlier for the ‘Super Fiat’. The new 520 was a medium size car with a 2.2-litre straight six engine. It was well received and over 20,000 were built before production ceased in 1929.
In 1928 the 520T or Taxi was introduced. Designed to replace the 501 Taxi, the chassis remained the same as the 520 whilst the engine, although still a six, had its capacity reduced to 1.9-litres. The bodywork was specially designed for the role, being a Landaulet with a rear opening canvas roof. Four seats were provided for passengers, two being rearward facing on the partition. Around 600 of these vehicles were built up until 1930.


The 520 "Super Fiat"
Engine :6805cc (85x100mm)
overheadvalve V12 with 90bhp
@ 2,000rpm
Suspension :
rigid axle with leaf springs –
rear: rigid axle with leaf springs
Wheelbase :3860mm
track (front/rear) :1500mm/1500mm
Brakes :drums all round
Gearbox : 3 speed manual
Empty weight: Torpedo : 1850kg

The 520
Engine :2244cc (68x103mm)
sidevalve in-line six cylinder with 46bhp @ 3,400rpm
Taxi :1866cc (62x103mm) with 35bhp
@ 3,300rpm
Suspension :
rigid axle with leaf springs and friction dampers
rear: rigid axle with leaf springs and friction dampers
Wheelbase: 2900mm
Track (front/rear) :1400mm/1400mm
Brakes: drums all round
Gearbox: 4 speed manual
Empty weight: Berlina :1280kg
Taxi: 1250kg


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