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But the tobacco companies claimed that smoking was completely harmless and if you can’t trust big business who can you trust. Yeah right – Ted

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Stephen Fry explains to Jeremy Clarkson, David Mitchell, Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and Ross Noble how one might use a small bellows in eighteenth century England.

I know I’ve posted on this subject before, but the temptation was just too strong not to add another piece of information on this ludicrous part of medical history – Ted

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Many of the early brands of cigarettes were made mostly or entirely of Turkish tobacco; today, its main use is in blends of pipe and especially cigarette tobacco (a typical American cigarette is a blend of bright Virginia, Burley and Turkish).

Turkish tobacco is also cultivated in Egypt and other parts of the world. Turkish tobacco is sun-cured, which makes it more aromatic and, like flue-cured tobacco, more acidic than air or smoke-cured tobacco, thus more suitable for cigarette production.

Turkish tobacco has a much milder flavor and contains less nicotine and fewer carcinogens than other varieties. In order to get an American Blend type of cigarette, it is mixed with more robust tobacco such as Virginia tobacco and Burley. Cigarettes containing only Turkish tobacco, like Murad, Helmar, Balkan Sobranie or those supplied by urban tobacconists like Fribourg & Treyer or Sullivan Powell in London, are no longer existent.

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Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Images from Stanford School of Medicine

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