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Last Edition Beetle in Harvest Moon Beige, by Volkswagen of Puebla, Mexico, 2003

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Øystein Asphjell at Norwegian Hammerworks got the wild idea to build a unique coupe from a VW Beetle. But don’t call it customizing, it’s coach-building.


From an article in the Norwegian magazine “Motor Veteran” No 8, 2009
Photos: Ronnie Krabberød

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Text from the ad:

Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things. If your wife hit something in a Volkswagen, it doesn’t hurt you very much. WV parts are easy to replace. and cheap. A fender comes off without dismantling half the car. A new one goes on with just ten bolts. For $24.95 plus labour.

And a WV dealer always has the kind of fender you need. Because that’s the only kind he has. Most other WV parts are interchangeable too. inside and out. Which means your wife isn’t limited to fender smashing. she can jab the hood, grace the door. Or bump off the bumper.

It may make you furious, but it won’t make you poor. So when your wife goes window-shopping in a Volkswagen, don’t worry. You can conveniently replace anything she uses to stop the car. Even the breaks.

Sexist ads were not only quite common in the fifties, sixties, and seventies but were used deliberately to make men feel superior to women and there by make them more receptive for the real message in the ad. It was of course impossible to think that a man could hit something with a car, even though statistics would have shown that most car crashes were done by men. But then again, the Mad Men have never dealt in reality, have they – Ted

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The 1954 Escher VWPorsche Kleinbahn Prototyp in the Prototyp in Hamburg. These little trains were built from 1954 to 1971 and were used in parks and botanical gardens. It pulled 3 cars which had space for 90 passengers. Its not a accident that the design of the locomotive looks like a cross between the legendary TEE train and the Porsche 356. This locomotive was powered by a VW industrial engine and was the prototype of the VW-Porsche trains.

Text and image found at “The idiots have won the war

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Who need a Humvee when you got an old Volkswagen buss – Ted
Image found at “Don’t look back

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Image found at “Farbror Sid

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Combine the iconic Mexican culture expressions of the psychedelic Huichol and a Volkswagen Beetle or El Vocho as Mexicans have nicknamed it—and you get El Vochol, a beaded VW bug. This dynamic manifestation of indigenous folk art is being used to promote the artisan heritage of the indigenous Mexican communities to an international audience.

El Vochol was first commissioned by the Association of Friends of Museo of Arte Popular in Mexico City to elevate the work of traditional artisans in the public sphere both nationally and internationally. The project took on a greater message to the world: indigenous work is not to be forgotten, and in fact, celebrated. Sonya Santos of the Museo says, “People all over the world are responding in a fabulous way….They are all surprised by the magnificent work.”

Text, image and video found at “Curated

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