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a1208_VW transporter - kleinbuss

Image found on Casa di Ricardo

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Øystein Asphjell at Norwegian Hammerworks got the wild idea to build a unique coupe from a VW Beetle. But don’t call it customizing, it’s coach-building.


From an article in the Norwegian magazine “Motor Veteran” No 8, 2009
Photos: Ronnie Krabberød

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The Bugster


Take one Beetle bodyshell…

…mount it to a Boxster chassis…

…and you get a Bugster! Brilliantly simple, right?

Well, no, hideously complicated. But well worth it. 270bhp of mid-engined tomfoolery in a classic shape, liberally smothered in a controversial shade of Lamborghini grey. Click here for the full gallery.

Image found at FourLeanHounds – Text found at SuckSqueezeBangBlow

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There was a day when a camper like this was enough for a family of four. Most of those families took their campers out of the photo studio and onto the road of course – Ted 😉

Image found at FarbrorSid – One of my favourite blogs. The text is in Swedish, but there are enough images to look at. Cars and babes, the lot.

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The 1954 Escher VWPorsche Kleinbahn Prototyp in the Prototyp in Hamburg. These little trains were built from 1954 to 1971 and were used in parks and botanical gardens. It pulled 3 cars which had space for 90 passengers. Its not a accident that the design of the locomotive looks like a cross between the legendary TEE train and the Porsche 356. This locomotive was powered by a VW industrial engine and was the prototype of the VW-Porsche trains.

Text and image found at “The idiots have won the war

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Who need a Humvee when you got an old Volkswagen buss – Ted
Image found at “Don’t look back

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New Toaster Anyone


When I’m in the marked for a new toaster I know what I want – Ted
Image found at “was bisher geschah

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