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A fresh start

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These plans for a Mission-style oak rack was published in Volume 14, Issue 4 of The Woodworker’s Journal July/Aug. 1990 and it is the perfect place to display those prized plates and cups or collectibles. A 10′ length of 3/4" thick by 6-1/4" wide stock will provide all the wood parts.

Description and plans in pdf format HERE

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This attractive Early American Step Table is an excellent project for those woodworkers who have a problem obtaining odd-sized stock. The entire piece is made from 3/4" thick pine, except for the 1/4" thick plywood drawer bottom.

Plans and description HERE

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712_colonial bench

A sturdy bench was a commodity much valued in the American colonies. It provided a welcome place to rest weary legs after a long day of hard work. Most early homes enjoyed several benches.

Back then, country cabinetmakers found benches quick and easy to make, which
probably explains a good deal of their popularity. Well, not much has changed in
the last 250 years or so. Today, a bench like this can still be made with a minimum of time and effort. And while it may not be as comfortable as your favourite reading chair, it offers optional service as a plant stand or portable table.

Plans and descriptions in pdf format HERE

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Popular Science feb 1940 11

So-called "skagway scowls" are fun provoking snow coaster made with runners. The illustrated to the left is of especially simple construction. The bottom may be a hard-pressed composition board 1/8” thick are a piece of galvanized iron. The two hardwood side levers enable the scow to be steered or breaked to a standstill.

Plans Published in Popular Science in February 1940

Plans HERE

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A do-it-yourself project published in Popular Mechanics, Des 1941542_diy

From the text: Copied from an original piece in an Eastern museum, this attractive chest is especially suitable for use with other Early American and Colonial furniture – Plans and description HERE

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post_illMaking a concept is much more fun than just making a set of plans for a woodwork project.

Here are the plans for a breakfast shelf for 6 that I made back in 2010, complete with cutlery drawer, shelf for the egg cups and juice glasses and pegs for the coffee or tea cups.
NB All measurements in mm

Description and plans
in jpg and pdf

The Ted in the links above is not me, it’s another Ted – Ted 😉

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