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Christianity will go,” said Lennon. “It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that. I’m right and I’ll be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first, rock ’n’ roll or Christianity.

Birmingham disc jockeys Tommy Charles, left, and Doug Layton of Radio Station WAQY rip and break materials representing the British singing group the "Beatles" on August 8, 1966. The broadcasters started a "Ban the Beatles" campaign after Beatle John Lennon was quoted as saying his group is more popular than Jesus. Charles took exception to the statement as "absurd and sacrilegious." (AP Photo)
Birmingham disc jockeys Tommy Charles, left, and Doug Layton of Radio Station WAQY rip and break materials representing the British singing group the “Beatles” on August 8, 1966. The broadcasters started a “Ban the Beatles” campaign after Beatle John Lennon was quoted as saying his group is more popular than Jesus. Charles took exception to the statement as “absurd and sacrilegious.” (AP Phot


The Beatles went up in smoke near Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., on August 12, 1966 as neighborhood youngsters severed once and for all their two–year friendship with the four world figures. The Beatlemania bonfire, planned by Chuck Smith, 13, was in protest against John Lennon remark to the effect that the Beatles a
re “more popular than Jesus.” (AP Photo)


The Beatles appear to have lost their popularity at Beaver Meadows, a small community in northeastern Pennsylvania according to the sign, “God Forever, Beatles Never”, posted along Route 93, near Hazleton on August 10, 1966. A proposal in the Pa. legislature asks the ban of any future appearance of the Beatles in this state because of a remark attributed to one of the Beatles that they are more popular than Jesus Christ. (AP Photo)

Young churchfolk from nearby Sunnyvale on the San Francisco Peninsula protest against the Beatles and John Lennon's remark that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.
Young churchfolk from nearby Sunnyvale on the San Francisco Peninsula protest against the Beatles and John Lennon’s remark that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.

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I’m left-handed, it’s part of who I am. I don’t regard it as a handicap, nor as a disadvantage, it is actually quite natural to me and it is right-handed people that looks a little unnatural to me. “How do they manage to do that with the wrong hand” I sometime think when I see a right-handed person do something.

Lately I’ve read a lot about left-handedness both in Norwegian and English speaking media and it really pisses me off to see it described as a handicap and read people tell that they still get forced to write with the right hand in school. I was forced to do that in school, but that was 53 years ago, one should think the world had moved a little forward since then. Luckily I started to stammer, so the school doctor told my teacher to stop. Had that not happened I would probably have stammered still and I would certainly not have been a designer and an illustrator.


Unfortunately, a lot of people’s aversion against left-handedness comes from old, misplaced religious beliefs. My deeply religious grandmother, in all other respects a lovable and kind woman was appalled when she discovered that I was left-handed and when I was a small child she did everything to make me use my right hand. She even paid me for every drawing I had done with my right hand. When I discovered that she couldn’t see the difference I cheated, even then I had no interest in using my right hand.

Another thing that pisses me off even more is left-handed people using their left-handedness as an excuse for not being able to do things. We are born with the ability to master certain skills and which hand we perform these skills with is of no importance. If you’re not good at drawing, doing carpentry, fly fishing, playing golf or whatever with your left hand you wouldn’t have been so using you right hand either.

During my studies I was told by my calligraphy teacher that I would never never be any good if I didn’t learn to do it with my right hand. “Fuck you” I thought and over the last 30 years I’ve been one of the few in my country that do calligraphic commission work. I got better than my teacher.

To all you left-handed visitors out there, whenever someone tell you to use your right hand when learning something new do as I did, think “Fuck you” and keep on using you left hand. The time it takes you to master it has nothing to do with what hand you use, but with your willingness to learn it and whether you have it in you to be good at that particular skill. We can’t after all be good at everything. Personally for instance, I’m an complete idiot when it comes to anything what makes a car move, and I probably would have been as well had I been born right-handed.


This kind of thinking is out-dated, there for is instance no scientific proof that left- handed people are more creative than right-handed. We were 12 students in my class when I studied graphic design, only two of us were left-handed and we have all done very well as designers. And if the illustration above was right I should have no talent for writing nor for language. Still I read, write and speak four languages beside my native Norwegian and I understand, read and can make myself easily understood in another five. And I have written two school books for high school.

Another thing, left-handedness has pre-dominance. It’s getting more of us all the time. My x-wife was right-handed, but both our daughters are left-handed.

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If you are lucky enough to live in an era where there are frogs you seem to have a cure for almost every illness there is right outside your front door if these old and tested remedies are anything to go by – Ted 😉072_frog_cures

To get rid of freckles, go to a brook, catch a frog and rub it on the freckles.

To cure warts rub a live frog over them, then impale it on a thorn to die.

To stop bleeding, bind the cut with linen cloths that had been dipped in
"ye green fome where frogges have their spawne
3 days before the new-moon."
(17th century, Europe)

To cure whooping cough, place a small frog in a box
tied around the afflicted person’s neck.
As the frog decays the cough will disappear.
(rural England)


-To cure a toothache, spit into a frog’s mouth,
ask it to carry the ache away, then release it.

To cure thrush, hold a live frog’s head in your mouth.
As it breathes it will draw the disease into itself.
(Cheshire, England)

The dried body of a frog worn in a silk bag around the neck
will prevent epilepsy and other fits.

Young frogs swallowed live were a remedy
for general weakness, cancer and consumption.
(Yorkshire, England)

To cure rheumatism, roast a live frog and apply it to the sore area.
(Utah, U.S.)


From “Frogs” by Gerald Donaldson published by Windward in 1980

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Newport resident Carol Isaak was having a snack on Saturday, April 7, 2012, when she saw what she thinks is an image of Jesus Christ on the cross in her potato chip. (Courtesy to Pioneer Press)

Jesus Christ has made yet another appearance on a potato chip. At least that’s what Newport resident Carol Isaak believes. The night before Easter, Isaak, 67, decided to snack on some potato chips. "The second chip I pulled out of the bag, I said, ‘Oh my God, Vern, look at this" Isaak said. Isaak’s husband, Vern, replied, "It looks like Jesus on the cross."

"And I said, ‘I think so, too" Isaak said. "It seemed like a sign or something. I got all fuzzy and warm." Instead of eating the chip, Isaak took pictures of it, which she emailed to friends and family. "I wanted to take it to church yesterday and show it to our minister, but I was afraid it would get broken," Isaak said Monday, April 9.

She said the ripple-style Clancy’s brand chip purchased at an Aldi store is now safely stored in her china cabinet. She said some friends have offered to put it up for sale on eBay, but she doesn’t plan to do that. "I won’t feel right selling it," she said.

The son of God apparently makes regular appearances on snack foods. In recent years, sightings of Christ or a crucifix have been seen on potato chips in Bakersfield, Calif.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Shippensburg, Pa. On YouTube, you can find video documentation of Jesus Cheetos.

But irregular markings in potatoes or potato chips are the byproduct of disease or rotting, not a sign of the supernatural, said Lori Wing, administrator of the Potato Association of America.

Wing said this Easter season, she’s heard of Christ sightings in potatoes in Maine and Canada. "It seems every couple of years, the same thing happens. We just sort of ignore it," she said. "I’ve had pictures sent to me, and no matter how hard I look, I don’t see it." Wing said potato chips with markings, while not miraculous, are safe to eat.

Isaak, however, said her husband has had some recent health problems, and she thinks her chip is a sign of hope. "I think it’s just a comforting thing telling me things will be OK," she said.

It certainly beats Presley’s appearance in a piece of bacon that I posted a while ago although the resemblance in that case must be said to have been considerably better. But who am I to judge, although I must admit that the pointed head brings a klu klux klan member closer to mind, but then again I’m an atheist – Ted

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Stanley Green in Oxford Street 1977


I’ve seen a lot of strange nutrition advice in my days, but what on earth is wrong with lust. It should keep you both slim and in good shape. Besides, if you cut out all Stanley warns against here, what else is there. But everyone to their own thing, if you got a bee in your bonnet, nail a poster to a stick and hit the streets – Ted

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Are there really people out there who prefer to be taught religion by a sleazy bloke putting words into the mouth of a  crazy eyed dummy called Andy while his hand is three feet up Andy’s ass. I guess uncle Les and aunt Nancy would be in the know. Hmmm… it’s in situations like this it’s nice to be an atheists – Ted

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Most folks who resolved to cut down on coffee this year are driven by the simple desire for self-improvement. But for coffee drinkers in 17th-century Turkey, there was a much more concrete motivating force: a big guy with a sword. Sultan Murad IV, a ruler of the Ottoman Empire, would not have been a fan of Starbucks. Under his rule, the consumption of coffee was a capital offense. Though Murad IV banned tobacco, alcohol and coffee, some say he consumed all three and his death was the result of alcohol poisoning. The sultan was so intent on eradicating coffee that he would disguise himself as a commoner and stalk the streets of Istanbul with a hundred-pound broadsword. Unfortunate coffee drinkers were decapitated as they sipped. Murad IV’s successor was more lenient. The punishment for a first offense was a light cudgeling. Caught with coffee a second time, the perpetrator was sewn into a leather bag and tossed in the river.

But people still drank coffee. Even with the sultan at the front door with a sword and the executioner at the back door with a sewing kit, they still wanted their daily cup of joy. And that’s the history of coffee in a bean skin: Old habits die hard. Wherever it spread, coffee was popular with the masses but challenged by the powerful. “If you look at the rhetoric about drugs that we’re dealing with now — like, say, crack — it’s very similar to what was said about coffee,” Stewart Allen, author of The Devil’s Cup: Coffee, the Driving Force in History, tells The Salt. In Murad’s Istanbul, religious leaders preached on street corners that coffee would inspire indecent behavior.

 As the bean moved west into Europe, physicians rallied against it, claiming that coffee would “dry up the cerebrospinal fluid” and cause paralysis. Perhaps the bawdiest argument against coffee was “The Women’s Petition Against Coffee,” published in England in 1674. Brimming with innuendos that would make Shakespeare blush, the six-page manifesto blamed coffee for every type of impotence. The male response in defense of coffee was just as heavy-handed and, predictably, even more lewd. One of the more repeatable passages: … the Excessive use of that Newfangled, Abominable, Heathenish Liquor called Coffee, which Riffling Nature of her Choicest Treasures, and Drying up the Radical Moisture, has so Eunucht our Husbands that they are become as unfruitful as those Desarts whence that unhappy Berry is said to be brought.

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