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Whether you’re planning on going green in your workshop or prefer working with traditional hand tools, here’s some old plans for a pedal driven lathe.



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926_4HNot one plan for you to day my DIY friends, but 21. A whole book actually. Kansas 4H Woodworking Plans published  by Kansas State University’s Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service.

21 plans of various degree of difficulty for handy children and youth out there in the sticks.

The book in pdf format –> pdf_thumb

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Plans in pdf –> pdf_thumb

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Who hasn’t played table hockey at one time or another? It’s great fun, and you may have noticed how simple the “rink” really is. So why go out and buy a ready-made when you can make one yourself! With its small number of parts and simple joints, this is a great project for those with beginner level skills. You’ll gain experience in making dados and rabbets with a table saw, laying out and making parts from a template and doing multicolour staining prior to assembly and finishing. So go ahead and build, shoot and score!

Plans and description in puff HERE

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These plans for a Mission-style oak rack was published in Volume 14, Issue 4 of The Woodworker’s Journal July/Aug. 1990 and it is the perfect place to display those prized plates and cups or collectibles. A 10′ length of 3/4" thick by 6-1/4" wide stock will provide all the wood parts.

Description and plans in pdf format HERE

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Plans and description in pdf format HERE

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As I mentioned my own woodwork plans are only in pdf format as I prefer to check my plans on a flat screen hooked up to one of my laptops rather than on a lot of loose drawings on paper. You’ll find the plans for the shelf HERE

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