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I love old drawing and design equipment and on Sunday I came across this nifty “Teknikk 20” compass set at a street marked. It is well kept and in very good condition. can’t wait to start testing it out.  I love working digitally, but I love spreading a nice white sheet of paper out on my drawing table and start making a woodwork plan or an illustration just as much – Ted

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Well, not really a new one but well known to old regular visitors, there are already 35 projects in the “Retro DIY Projects” article series. But I thought it was time to bring the series back to life, if not exactly by popular demand 😉 -Ted

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I’m starting up a new post series to day called “This Week’s Favourite Female Singer” and I’ve also added a music player to the top of the column to the right where you can listen to one of the week’s singer’s biggest hits if hit lists were invented when the singer was active. The Box widget in the right column will also for a week feature one of the singers records. To day’s favourite is Ella Mae Morse.

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I got tired of good old Zsa Zsa and the E-type so I made some new headers and a new background. I like to do that from time to time, it makes the blog more fun to work with – Ted

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My Post No 2000


This is my post No 2000 on Retrorambling, and to be host with you, I never thought I’d keep it up that long, I seldom do. But here I am, typing in the text and enjoying it as much as I did when I typed the text for the first post one and a half year ago, so just like the goose on the picture I think I’ll step up and drive on.

I get a steady 1500 + – page views a day now and as long as you visitors keep dropping by it is worth the time and effort, so please keep it up. Due to WordPress’ generosity I still got more than half of my upload space remaining so there is room for a lot of posts to come – Ted


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Happy New Year


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I’m On Google+ Too Now

11464_gogAs the observant ones of you might have noticed a Google+ button has turned up by the Twitter and Facebook buttons. Thought I’d check it out while it was still fresh and found it pretty great to tell the truth.

It is linked directly both to my g-mail and my Picasa and I can  build Picasa galleries right there in Google+. And best of all, it is ad free, at least for now.

I’ll be posting a lot of things there that wont turn up here, pictures with funny texts, PhotoShop fun and other stuff that doesn’t really fit in on this blog, so drop by from time to time, I’ll try to make it worth your while.

  You’ll find me here:

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I felt it was time for some changes again so I fixed a new background and a new header. Za Za Gabor who has laid about in front of the racing green E-Type have been pensioned off and a Standard Vanguard with a teardrop camper has taken her place as it heads towards the past – Ted

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Solo is undoubtfully the most popular Norwegian made soft drink. It was introduced in 1934.
Torleif Gulliksen, the creator of Solo had been travelling in Spain and had come across a refreshing orange soft drink there. He brought the recipe back to Norway and not long after that Solo had become Norway’s most popular bottled soft drink.
Coca Cola did not pass Solo in popularity until well into the 1960s.

Illustration © TidiousTed

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22 % of all Norwegians experience loneliness at times. Maybe not so strange when you consider the fact that there are only 12 of us for each square kilometre. There are fewer in only 26 of the worlds more than 200 countries.

Illustration © TidiosTed

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I’ve been very lazy when it comes to updating the “List Of Online Galleries” page lately so tonight I pulled myself together and did a full update. 23 different galleries were added to the list, and now the page is fully up to date – Ted

  The list page:The-list

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Season Greetings


And so it is time for me to do as I did on Christmas Eve, brave the snow and cold and take off to spend New Years Eve with friends and family. I hope You’ll all have a great evening and lots of fun all into the small hours – Ted


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My Post No 500 :-)

01676_blogThat last post about digital Playboy issues was my post no 500 on the Retrorambling  blog. Besides those 500 posts I’ve added 97 different article pages on 7 different main subjects, 39 on-site image galleries and 75 on-line image galleries linked to blog posts. Not bad for the first five months.
In the beginning I was beaming if I had close to 100 page views a day, now I’m not very happy if I have less than 500. So thanks all of you out there for visiting and I hope you keep coming back – Ted


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11467_top2I’m TidiousTed and I run this blog. I post about things that interests me, mainly retro and vintage oriented stuff, things that makes me laugh or whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. Enjoy your stay and it would be nice if you rated a post or two or maybe a page while you’re here and maybe hit that “Like” thingie from time to time. And, oh yeah, a comment or two would be very welcome as well.

168_rero_topCheck out my foodie blog “RecipeReminiscing”
More than 800 traditional and contemporary recipes. Click the image  to go there

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New Theme To Day

I have gradually gotten tired of the old dark theme so I changed theme to day. I was a bit hurried one might say, as I didn’t consider all the work that change would accumulate. Checking through and adjust close to 400 posts, pages and galleries was hard labour, but now that I’m finished I’m deliriously happy with the change. The menu to the right is more open and easier to read and the theme is wider than the old one. Some of the old posts and pages may look a little strange, but they are all readable.

So welcome to a new and wider RetroRambling. Let me hear what you think – Ted

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When you’ve come to a stage in life when it begins to dawn on you that you’ve spent more time on this earth than you can reasonably expect to have left you get to be more interested in the past than the future no matter how laughable some aspects of that past may seem.

In order not to seem too pretentious I will stick to the last 150 years, after all I’m not a historian, merely a designer. On the other hand, there is a wast reservoir of strange, wonderous, mind-boggling and downright ridiculous things and facts to bring forth from our relatively resent past.

Enjoy the ride

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