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I love old drawing and design equipment and on Sunday I came across this nifty “Teknikk 20” compass set at a street marked. It is well kept and in very good condition. can’t wait to start testing it out.  I love working digitally, but I love spreading a nice white sheet of paper out on my drawing table and start making a woodwork plan or an illustration just as much – Ted

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Well, not really a new one but well known to old regular visitors, there are already 35 projects in the “Retro DIY Projects” article series. But I thought it was time to bring the series back to life, if not exactly by popular demand 😉 -Ted

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I’m starting up a new post series to day called “This Week’s Favourite Female Singer” and I’ve also added a music player to the top of the column to the right where you can listen to one of the week’s singer’s biggest hits if hit lists were invented when the singer was active. The Box widget in the right column will also for a week feature one of the singers records. To day’s favourite is Ella Mae Morse.

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I got tired of good old Zsa Zsa and the E-type so I made some new headers and a new background. I like to do that from time to time, it makes the blog more fun to work with – Ted

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My Post No 2000


This is my post No 2000 on Retrorambling, and to be host with you, I never thought I’d keep it up that long, I seldom do. But here I am, typing in the text and enjoying it as much as I did when I typed the text for the first post one and a half year ago, so just like the goose on the picture I think I’ll step up and drive on.

I get a steady 1500 + – page views a day now and as long as you visitors keep dropping by it is worth the time and effort, so please keep it up. Due to WordPress’ generosity I still got more than half of my upload space remaining so there is room for a lot of posts to come – Ted


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Happy New Year


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I’m On Google+ Too Now

11464_gogAs the observant ones of you might have noticed a Google+ button has turned up by the Twitter and Facebook buttons. Thought I’d check it out while it was still fresh and found it pretty great to tell the truth.

It is linked directly both to my g-mail and my Picasa and I can  build Picasa galleries right there in Google+. And best of all, it is ad free, at least for now.

I’ll be posting a lot of things there that wont turn up here, pictures with funny texts, PhotoShop fun and other stuff that doesn’t really fit in on this blog, so drop by from time to time, I’ll try to make it worth your while.

  You’ll find me here:

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