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In this day and age is is actually a little hard to believe that this ad is for real. I don’t know exactly when it was printed, but their clothing and hairstyle suggest late seventies, early eighties. That is only 35 years ago. It is even hard to believe that this was printed in the US back then.

Actually even back then being part of designing and texting an ad like this would have been the same as professional and social suicide here in Norway. You would have been on the shit list of every advertising firm in the country and without a social life for years. And women’s libbers (and they were not few around this neck of the wood back then) would have stoned you if the had had the chance.

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“MARRIED – No reason to neglect stockings! Constant runs are unsightly. Husbands admire wives who keep their stockings perfect. Lovely stockings add so much to your appearance Don’t risk constant runs, snacky seams and wrinkles.”

Man, I love the look on that bloke’s face, he looks like he’s looking at something particularly disgusting the cat brought in. Unfortunately I have little experience with stocking runs, snacky seams and wrinkles as my tastes lean more towards the tomboy type of girls. Blue jeans and long gipsy skirts don’t wrinkle that easy. On the other hand, should I ever come across said stockings I hardly think my reaction would quite match the bloke on the picture’s.

Besides, I’m not married anymore and haven’t been for 20 years and my girlfriend is 21 years younger than me and you don’t criticise all that much then 😉 – Ted

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Here we got an ad that goes right to the point visitors. If you didn’t catch the “action zone” badge it’s time to go bed or maybe to an optician. Unfortunately the ad leave it up to our sordid imaginations to guess exactly what the “action zone” really is. Is he wearing a pair of pants that let him get his pecker out in a flash, or is it a pair of pants extra well suited for a little pocket tennis. Or is it simply a pair of pants that leaves room for a solid woody. Who knows?

And while our sordid minds still ponder what the “action zone” might be we catch “Now With Extra Large Snack Sack!” and our imagination gets even more sordid fuel. Well, what ever it is, the man’s lady friend seems to be rather satisfied with both his “Action Zone” and his “Snack Sack” unlike her poodle.

PS! I’m fully aware of the fact that we again might have to do with a photoshoped ad, but do I care. It gave me a big healthy laugh that ended in a rather naughty snicker. And what more can you ask.

If any of you visitors out there has more information on these strange pair of pants, please share – Ted 😉

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Castoria 1951

These strange laxative ads from the fifties turns up all over the place for the time being and they makes me wonder what ever children over there in the US ate back then. I can’t remember ever having needed a laxative and least of all as a child and neither can I remember any of my friends back then needing any. Another thing I notice is that the child is always a boy child as though it was quite all right to force feed girl children with medicines of all sort.

Well, that was a digression. Over to the ad it self. Notice that this particular laxative contains nature’s own vegetable products, as if there are any other sort. (My guess would be beans or yellow peas, we all know how those suckers set the bowls in motion).

The text people must have had a field day with this one and the slogan is a classic; “Taste So Good Children Lick the Spoon!” Yeah, right.

And don’t miss the bottom line: “Especially Made For Infants and Children of All Ages”. Tell me, isn’t that almost what they used to print on board games in the old days.

The game is on! Let’s have a few spoonful’s and see who farts first – Ted

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I’ve spent the first 19 parts of this series dissing members of the advertising profession so since I have been at least semi part of the profession for about 30 years I thought it was time to show an ad I have nothing what so ever against. (Apart for the fact that I wouldn’t be found dead in a ditch in a BMW, but that is more because the kind of people that usually choose to buy one around here than the car itself.)

The ad is clear in its concept, straight to the point and best of all, cruel enough to drive that point home. Just like a campaign like this need to be. For the first time on this blog; Well done Mad Men – Ted

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The first time I saw this ad on the net I laughed so much I almost fell off my chair. Finally an ad playing fully on men’s insecurities and self-esteem. And so boldly texted I find it hard to believe it was easy to place in most magazines.

It can’t have been much fun driving round in an ‘89 911 Carrera 4 for a while after that ad hit the magazine pages, a lot of Porsche owners must have been the victim of rather nasty comments about their lack of size, particularly from men who themselves couldn’t afford a car like that.

By the way, I’m quite aware that the ad may be a fake made by some net prankster, but I love it anyway – Ted

In context

Two guys were sitting on a front porch when a blonde walked by. “Let me show you how stupid blondes are” one of them said to the other and he called the blonde over. When she reached them he said “I’ll give you $10 if you paint my porch white”. “Ok” the blonde answered. The man told her she’d find paint and brushes round the corner and the two men went in to have lunch. An hour later the blond came in and said “I’m finished, give me my $10”.

They went out to check her work and found the porch was still unpainted. “You’re not finished” the man said angrily. “Of course I am” the blond replied and continued “Besides it’s not a Porsche, it is a Ferrari”.

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“Muscles are the new thin” is the new slogan around Europe these days and young women hit the training centres every day and eat so healthy that it becomes unhealthy. back in the days when the Mad Men cooked up the ad above the ideals were quite different. Young women were supposed to have forms, both here and there actually.

The add is terrible, particularly the drawings numbered 1,2 and 3, but there is a grain of truth in it some how. Most men prefer woman with forms. But does that justify making thin women feel bad about themselves. look at how the artist has made the thin woman’s face ugly and how she looks when she has gained a bit of weight. And do you think this is accidental. Get off it, it’s an ad for something that makes you gain weight – Ted

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