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Elvis’ Palm Springs Honeymoon Home for Sale


The ultimate Elvis pad is now up for sale in sunny Palm Springs, California – complete with Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia. In 1962, Look Magazine featured the estate calling it the “House of Tomorrow” due to its forward-thinking decor. Oh, and Lisa Marie was most likely conceived here. In 1966 this historic mid-century house was leased to Elvis Presley and Priscilla for around $21,000 to spend their honeymoon. The original lease actually still hangs on one of the walls. The house is designed around four perfect circles on three levels and features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It is nestled in at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains which the honeymoon suite offers a panoramic view of. There is also a pool, tennis court and a fruit orchard among many other features.

The house is currently owned by ‘Elvis junkie’ M.L. Lewis which purchased it in 1987 for under $500,000. It has since then been restored to its 1960s splendor and features art deco design and furnishings throughout. The house is currently a museum, open to tourists on the weekends and comes packed with various Elvis memorabilia – which the buyer gets to keep. Fans might recognize it from the film “Elvis And Me” and the documentary “Elvis By the Presley”, starring Priscilla Presley herself. So any Elvis fan with a really deep pocket who’s in the market for the ultimate Elvis Presley time-capsule will most likely have found the best one around. More information about this property can be found the real estate agent Hilton & Hyland.

Text and image from UltraSwank 

Nice pad, but there are actually not one real Art Deco object in sight – Ted

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Who wouldn’t want a couple of armless Elvis Presley half torsos to lighten up the living room. Particularly a couple as terribly tastelessly designed as these. Two slightly recognizable Elvis Presleys with an equally tasteless lamp shade on top would be the pride of any half blind Presley fan’s living room – 44 presidents and only two kings – Ted

Image found at beatnikdaddio

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Elvis trying to revive a female fan who swooned at the sight of him. The hysteria surrounding Elvis Presley in the mid-50s was unbelievable.

Image and text found on Q’s Daydream Inspirations…

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October 28, 1956 – On this day a HUGE Elvis cut-out on top of Paramount‘s marquee was unveiled. On the photo you can see that the cut-out is about to be covered up. The movie would not premiere until 2,5 weeks later. So in the weeks that followed, this cardboard Elvis Presley would take control of Times Square.

At the big premiere of Elvis’ first movie at the Paramount Theatre in New York. No expenses were spared in order to launch Elvis’ movie career and further deepen his already meteoric rise to fame in late 1956. He seemed to be all over the place at the same time (either in the flesh or in a cardboard version). And Elvis had now also arrived in Hollywood. Due to the clever marketing schemes by Presley’s management, Elvis ruled the media. And not just on the east coast!

Young girls were picketing outside the cinema the whole 2,5 weeks and apart from the signs mentioning local Elvis Fan Clubs, all other signs were clearly not a product of homemade creativity but merely the result of the very clever marketing scheme thought out by one Tom Parker.


On the same day Elvis performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. The same fans, with the same signs, wearing the same EPE hats, lined up outside Studio 50 while Elvis was rehearsing. Way to go Colonel!

Text and images from ELVIS – Echoes Of The Past

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I’ve been listening to Afro-American music for nearly 50 years. And worst, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – Ted


BLACK HISTORY IN IMAGES: New Orleans in 1960 was sharply divided over the practice of segregation, and the “Citizens’ Council of Greater New Orleans” advocated some pretty silly stuff, including a protest against black musicians. Please share so we may never forget! Image and text from BlackPast.org

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I guess the prospect of having him on your lips has lost most of it’s fascination by now. He’s not exactly excitingly alive anymore – Ted

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