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Aunt Mabel has always been proud of her legs. At the top picture here we see her in a friendly “best legs on the campsite” at White Cliff Bay on the Isle of Wight during the summer holiday of 1969. Due to heavy 153flirting with several of the judges promising the most outrages naughtiness in her tear-drop camper she won of course.

Her ample supply of home made booze that she served the judges from the kitchen end of her camper just before the competition started may have had something to do with the result as well.

Looking at the size of her camper one might wonder how much outrages naughtiness there is actually room for in there, but men are so easily fooled aren’t they.152

On the other hand, Aunt Mabel is known to appreciate her naughtiness more than most as we all know so who knows what she keeps inside that small tear-drop.

Young Johnny might have been able to shed some light on the subject, he has been camping with Mabel often enough, but he know how to keep his mouth shut the naughty sod.

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Coca Cola teamed up with award-winning ad agency Ogilvy & Mather China on a new “2nd Lives” campaign and created 16 red screw-on caps that transform the otherwise-useless left-over plastic bottle into something creative, fun and usable. This environmentally friendly campaign launched in Vietnam, where 40,000 free caps will be given away when purchasing the iconic soda drink.

These fun caps transform the used beverage bottles into a lamp, a paintbrush, a spray bottle, a pencil sharpener, a soap dispenser, and many other usable objects. Graham Fink, the chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather China, explains the idea behind the project: “We have created fun tools with Coke bottle tops, bringing small moments of happiness into people’s lives.

With the creativity of this campaign and the good cause behind it, this could easily be one of Coca Cola’s best campaigns ever. Don’t forget to check out the video to see how all the different caps are used.

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The trailer was designed by English company Environmental Transport Association, is not actually available for sale.  They claim they “developed the QTvan to highlight the estimated 220,000 people who use a mobility scooter without breakdown cover and face the prospect of a very long wait should they suffer a mechanical fault or their battery runs flat.”


The £5,500 QTvan is the world’s smallest caravan and is so named because it caters to three peculiarly British obsessions: queuing, tea and caravans. Inside, there’s a tea service, a 19-inch flat-screen television, radio, alarm clock book shelves, a full-sized single bed and kettle. It’s even available for short vacations, though with a 30-mile range and six-mph top end, it won’t get you much further than the park.

Text, images and video from LikeCool

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The Vanden Plas Princess chassis was a very popular choice in coachbuilding during the 1960s in Britain. Along with fully built limousines, they were used under ambulances, hearses and other vehicles such as this caravan that was photographed in Lancashire, England. This Princess 4-litre caravan had 12,000 miles from new when it was advertised in the December 1977 issue of Hemmings. This is a 1967 caravan, with Rolls-Royce Phantom automatic gearbox and Connolly hide upholstery; it was alleged to have been kept in mint condition.

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Quite a nifty thing to hook up to your car for a week end on the country side. And look, even a woman can work it. Dad can stay home and watch football and drink beer – Ted

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Little Ted spent many a summer holiday and week-end trips in a Lillebror camping trailer in the late fifties early sixties. An awful lot better than a tent but not quite a real camper but back then we loved that trailer and it is great to see that the retro camping trend has brought their popularity back – Ted

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585_land yacht

1932 Graham-Paige Blue Streak Coupe with Curtis Aerocar Land Yacht caravan trailer – Image found on Facebook

Imagine hitting the road in this magic ride to day. You’d be the King on any camping ground wherever you went – Ted

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Jan Kip started his coachwork business in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, in 1934. In 1947 he built his first caravan, which was for his personal use. Public interest in the caravan allowed him to build 20 caravans in the following year, some of which were hired out while the rest were sold. In 1949 the first standard Kip caravans were produced, and by the end of the fifties these were being transported by trailer to dealers.

In 1954 a new and unique model called the “Kuiken” appeared which was a small caravan with a remarkable rear hatch.


Keeping it neat and small still

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In a country with as many lakes as in Norway where I live, this would have been a real nifty thing to hook to the back of your car. And what a place to bring a date. Not much talk of going home when the evening turns to night when it is half a miles’ swim to the shore – Ted 😉

Image found at  THE H.A.M.B. forums on jalopyjournal.com

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396_bike camper

If the thought of all the CO2 and the rest of the crap your car spews out keeps you from going camping here’s the the solution to your problem. If the CO2 and the crap spewed out by the cars passing you doesn’t kill you before you find a nice place to camp – Ted

And if you think the idea is new, your wrong here’s one that has been around for ha while.

396_bike camper2

Images found at Bright, shiny objects! and Velo-city

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There was a day when a camper like this was enough for a family of four. Most of those families took their campers out of the photo studio and onto the road of course – Ted 😉

Image found at FarbrorSid – One of my favourite blogs. The text is in Swedish, but there are enough images to look at. Cars and babes, the lot.

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