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986_sloyd2From the book’s intro: The object of this book is to give an account of the theory and practical application of the "Nääs System" of manual training. Although the principles upon which this system has been founded are very fully explained in the two educational monographs of the New York College for the Training of Teachers, entitled "The Sloyd in the Service of the School," by Otto Salamon, and "Manual Training in Elementary Schools for Boys," by A. Sluys, a full exposition of the subject as taught in the Nääs Sloyd Seminarium, and as incorporated in the Swedish public schools, has not as yet appeared.

Just for the record sloyd, or slöyd as it is correctly spelled, is not a system but the Swedish word for things made by hand. For instance “hemslöyd” which covers anything made by hand at home, woodwork, weaving, knitting, sewing, you name it.

But apart from that the book is full of plans for classic woodwork projects – Ted

You can download the book in pdf format here –> pdf_thumb

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Who hasn’t played table hockey at one time or another? It’s great fun, and you may have noticed how simple the “rink” really is. So why go out and buy a ready-made when you can make one yourself! With its small number of parts and simple joints, this is a great project for those with beginner level skills. You’ll gain experience in making dados and rabbets with a table saw, laying out and making parts from a template and doing multicolour staining prior to assembly and finishing. So go ahead and build, shoot and score!

Plans and description in puff HERE

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Summer is here, at least on my side of the blue planet so it’s time to don the Bermuda shorts and head for the croquet field. And what better to play with than a set you’ve made yourself – Plans in pdf format HERE

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789_shaker_workbenchCountry-style furniture has been the most popular furniture in this country for decades. It is easy to understand why. Besides its look being visually pleasing and compatible with just about any home setting, it is also very functional. This handsome piece, which is inspired by the past, proves the point. Though the original served as a light-duty workbench in a Shaker community, its good looks makes this piece a welcome addition in just about any room. In a dining room, it will serve handily when entertaining and, if used in the living room, it is a conversation piece. Or you may prefer to simply use it in your workroom for light-duty tasks such as crafts and painting.

Plans and work descriptions here –> 789_shaker_workbench2

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Plans and description in pdf format HERE

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Plans and description in jpg and pdf format HERE

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A do-it-yourself project published in Popular Mechanics in July, 1948

Ideal for  the naturalist, archaeologist or anyone who must do documentary work in the field, this folding desk-and-stool combination provides substantial writing surface along with comparative comfort. The desk folds into a compact case for travelling. In addition to containing all the the essential writing equipment, it also carries a three drawer stool.

Description and plans in
jpg and pdf format

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