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forgotten onesa12061_erica blanc_07
Enrica Bianchi Colombatto
(born July 23, 1942 in Brescia, Lombardy) is an Italian actress, usually known by her stagename of Erika Blanc.

a12061_erica blanc_05a12061_erica blanc_06

Movie career

Her most notable role was as the first fictional character Emmanuelle in Io, Emanuelle. Blanc also starred in several horror films, including Kill, Baby, Kill, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Devil’s Nightmare, and Mark of the Devil Part II.

a12061_erica blanc_03a12061_erica blanc_08

She recently came back with little but very intense roles under the direction of Turkish-born director Ferzan Özpetek, acting as Antonia’s mother in Le fate ignoranti(2001), and as the sensitive, alcohol-addicted Maria Clara in Cuore Sacro (2005). In 2003 she also starred as the grandmother in Poco più di un anno fa-Diario di un pornodivo, directed by Marco Filiberti.

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forgotten onesa12054_carmen russo_01
Carmela Carolina Fernanda "Carmen" Russo
is an Italian dancer, actress, television personality and singer.

a12054_carmen russo_02Russo started her career as a model in the mid-1970s participating in several beauty contests in Italy. She first came to the public’s attention for her roles in the commedia erotica all’italiana, (sex comedy) genre, such as Mia moglie torna a scuola,Giovani, belle… probabilmente ricche and Paulo Roberto Cotechiño, centravanti di sfondamento.

She subsequently established herself as a television star in the 1980s with the variety shows Drive In, Risatissima andGrand Hotel. In 2003 and 2006 she also participated in the Italian and Spanish version of the reality show Celebrity Survivor. She won in the Spanish version Supervivientes. During her career she released also three unsuccessful studio albums, Stars on Donna, Le canzoni di "Drive in…" and Una notte italiana and she was also chosen many times as a model for Playmen magazine during the 1980s.


1974 – 1975: Beauty contests and night shows

a12054_carmen russo_04In 1974, at the age of thirteen years old, Russo won her first important beauty contests "Miss Liguria". The previous year Russo also won the title of "Miss Emilia" held in Pavullo nel Frignano, but it was a qualification that had no value for the national contest. By winning the victory of "Miss Liguria" Russo had the opportunity to participate in the election of "Miss Italia" but she was disqualified because was too young.

1975 – 1979: Rome, film appearances and TV

Russo with Mention decided in 1975 to move in Rome, home of the major Italian film studios. The couple arrived in Rome and placed immediately in a tiny apartment very close to Cinecittà. With the tenacity and ambition that have always characterized Russo, every morning she did long queues to submit auditions for a part in a movie. Russo was immediately hired for a little part in the comedy movie Di che segno sei? with Adriano Celentano and Alberto Sordi. With this film Russo leaves for a while the stage of night clubs of the province.

In 1977 she was hired by Federico Fellini for the film La città delle donne with Marcello Mastroianni. In the movie she shows her breasts but was not credited. She then appeared in the crime movie Genova a mano armata as the cashier at the bar, and also made an appearance in Die linkshändige Frau (The Left-Handed Woman). The movie was a hit, especially in Germany and was entered into the 1978 Cannes Film Festival.

a12054_carmen russo_06

Although Russo began her career as an actress, she continued to work as a showgirl in nightclubs and in 1978 Russo host with Ettore Andenna in the TV show "La bustarella" aired on Antenna 3 Lombardia. In the same year she also participated in "Portobello" with Enzo Tortora aired in Raiuno. Later Russo appeared in many others film and debuted in the theater supporting Walter Chiari in "Hai mai provato con l’acqua calda?". With this play, Russo won the Premio De Curtis. Due to the expansion of her career, she decided to settle permanently in Rome where there was also the home of the agency "Gymnasium".

1980 – 1983: Major roles, Playmen and music

a12054_carmen russo_05During the summer of 1979 Russo appeared for the first time in the Italian magazine for men Playmen, at the age of nineteen. After she appeared again in the magazine in late 1980, in 1981 and two times in 1982 and 1984. She became also one of the highest paid nude models in Italy.

In 1980 she participated in the making of two films: Patrick vive ancora with Gianni Dei and La settimana bianca. During the making of La settimana bianca in the summer of 1980 she met Gianfranco D’Angelo, who helped Russo to enter the world of television. In this year Russo also shot Le porno killers, her first role as a protagonist. In the film Russo played a bisexual killer. In the movie she was credited as Carmen Bizet. 1981 is the year of the artistic breakthrough for Russo. She left Mention and ended the job as show girl in nightclubs. Russo’s next films were starring roles in the sex comedies La maestra di sci and Mia moglie torna a scuola.

a12054_carmen russo_07At the end of 1981 Russo signed with Fontana Records for the release of a single -only. Her first single, "Notte senza luna" was promoted on the Italian radios. On December 1981 Russo performs the B-side of the song "Stiamo insieme stasera" during the Italian TV show Blitz aired on Raiuno. The performance was shot on the Italian destroyer Ardito (D 550). Russo also performs "Stuntman", an unreleased song.

The biennium 1982-1983 for Russo was very successful. During this year she starred in four films. Russo begins with Quella peste di Pierina with Marina Marfoglia andOreste Lionello. A few months after turning Buona come il pane. Is subsequently was chosen by Pierfrancesco Pingitore for the movie Il tifoso, l’arbitro e il calciatorewith Pippo Franco, Alvaro Vitali, Marisa Merlini and Daniela Poggi and then for Giovani, belle… probabilmente ricche with Gianfranco D’Angelo, Nadia Cassini andEdwige Fenech. In early 1983, Russo also released her first full-length studio album Stars on Donna, released as Carmen. The album contains cover version of songs by Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder.

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forgotten onesa1141_ Lucretia Love_01
Lucretia Love
is an Italian film actress. She is often credited under the name Lucrezia Love and has appeared in thirty-six films. Her first professional film work was the 1965 Italian romantic comedy, appropriately titled Love Italian Style.

a1141_ Lucretia Love_07

Lucretia’s first work in the horror genre was the 1966 low-budget Michael Reeves film She Beast, in which she played the niece of another character named Groper. In 1967 she played a character named Janet in Colt in the Hand of the Devil, but this was a western and really had nothing to do with the Devil at all.

a1141_ Lucretia Love_08a1141_ Lucretia Love_09

In 1968, Lucretia played Mike Shevlove in the Ruggero Deodato sci-fi/superhero film Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen. The movie featured characters attempting to plunder an Egyptian tomb, which is actually a common theme in many Universal Pictures films of the 1940s, in particular, the Mummy films.

a1141_ Lucretia Love_03a1141_ Lucretia Love_04

In 1971, Lucretia appeared in another film with the word "Devil" in the title, Osvaldo Civirani’s The Devil Has Seven Faces, which was actually a drama. 1974 saw another "Devil" themed film, this one though actually is a horror movie; Enter the Devil by Mario Gariazzo, which in Italy was titled L’ossessa. Lucretia received third billing in the film playing a character named Luisa.

a1141_ Lucretia Love_05a1141_ Lucretia Love_10

Lucretia’s final film work was the 1980 horror/comedy Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype written and directed by Charles B. Griffith and starring Oliver Reed. Lucretia played the role of Debra Kate.

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forgotten onesa1083_Silvana Pampanini_01
Silvana Pampanini (born 25 September 1925) is an Italian actress. She was Miss Italy in 1946 and the following year she started her movie career.

Life and career

a1083_Silvana Pampanini_02a1083_Silvana Pampanini_03

Born in Rome, she became one of the most popular movie actresses in her country and was considered a sex symbol in the 1950s. In 1955 she visited New York, Denver and Hollywood but rejected job offers because she could not speak English properly and had some problems with the tax office.

a1083_Silvana Pampanini_10a1083_Silvana Pampanini_04

She was also popular in France, where they nicknamed her Ninì Pampan, Spain, where she worked in Tirma, South America, especially in Mexico, where she starred in Sed de Amor with Pedro Armendáriz, and Egypt. She appeared with other internationally important actors and directors such as Buster Keaton, Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni, Alberto Sordi, Totò, Jean Gabin, Henri Vidal, Abel Gance, Vittorio De Sica. She preceded the more popular Italian stars Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida who worked as extras in some of her early films. According to the press, she flirted with personalities such as Tyrone Power, William Holden, Orson Welles, Omar Sharif, George DeWitt, Marcos Pérez Jiménez and Fidel Castro; nevertheless, she never married and had no children.

a1083_Silvana Pampanini_13a1083_Silvana Pampanini_14

Her success was not long-lasting and in the 1960s she left the movie career to take care of her parents, preferring to appear now and then on radio and television. Additionally, she is Rosetta Pampanini‘s niece, an Italian soprano. In fact, before she became a movie star, she wanted to become an opera singer. In 1996 she published Shockingly Respectable, her autobiography written in Italian language.

a1083_Silvana Pampanini_11a1083_Silvana Pampanini_12a1083_Silvana Pampanini_05a1083_Silvana Pampanini_09

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forgotten ones a1061_antonella_lualdi_12
Antonella Lualdi
(born on 6 July 1931 in Beirut, Lebanon) is an Italian actress and singer. She appeared in many Italian and French films in the 1950s and 1960s, notably in Claude Autant-Lara‘s film Le rouge et le noir in 1954, opposite Gérard Philipe.


She was born Antonietta De Pascale in Beirut, Lebanon to an Italian father and a Greek mother, and grew up fluent in Arabic, French and Italian. She began her career in 1949, after having won a contest for new talents of the cinema magazine Hollywood, in which she was presented as "Signorina X" ("Madam X"), inviting the readers to choose her stage name.


After having starred with him in several films, she married Italian actor Franco Interlenghi in 1955; the couple had two daughters, Stella and Antonellina, the later also an actress.


In 1974 she debuted in France as a singer with some success and critical appreciation, then she also debuted on stage with the comedy Le Moulin de la Gallette, with which she toured across several European countries.


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Long before little Ted had detected why there was a difference between boys and girls and what that difference could lead to he liked to look at pictures in magazines. Norwegian magazines back in the fifties were very full of mono-chrome pictures of film stars, Italian ones in particular and among them was of course Sophia Loren. Those pictures evoke feelings in little Ted he didn’t understand but still liked very much.

Every time I see one of those old black & white photos of Sophia I’m momentarily brought back to the fifties and can’t help a little smile playing over my lips. Memories are strange and wondrous things.

Here’s about 50 of those old black & whites – Ted

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a1024_Giovanna Ralli_09Giovanna Ralli (born, 2 January 1935) is an Italian actress.

Born in Rome, Ralli debuted as a child actress at 7; at 13 she made her theatrical debut, entering the stage company of Peppino De Filippo. After appearing in Federico Fellini and Alberto Lattuada‘s Variety Lights (1950), Ralli had her first film roles of weight in mid-fifties, often in comedy films. In 1959 she had a leading role in Roberto Rossellini‘s General della Rovere, that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, while in 1960 her performance in Escape by Night, still directed by Rossellini, was awarded with the Golden Gate Award for Best Actress at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

a1024_Giovanna Ralli_08Ralli later won a Nastro d’Argento award, as best actress, for La fuga (1964). In mid-sixties she had a brief Hollywood career, starting from Blake EdwardsWhat Did You Do in the War, Daddy?. In 1974 she won her second Nastro d’Argento, as best supporting actress, for C’eravamo tanto amati. Starting from early eighties, Ralli focused her activities on stage. In 1993 she received a Flaiano Prize for her career. In 2003 she was made a Grand Officer of the Italian Republic.


a1024_Giovanna Ralli_03

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a1024_Giovanna Ralli_02a1024_Giovanna Ralli_07a1024_Giovanna Ralli_04a1024_Giovanna Ralli_05a1024_Giovanna Ralli_06

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994_Rosalba Neri_01

Rosalba Neri (born in Forlì, 19 June 1939), sometimes credited as Sara Bey or Sara Bay, is a retired Italian actress.

Early film career

994_Rosalba Neri_02She gave her film debut in 1958 in the film Mogli pericolose. She is uncredited in this comedy which was directory by Luigi Comencini. Her second part was in Roberto Rosselini‘s prize winning drama Era notte a Roma in 1960. Many sources list some earlier films for her, but this is a confusion with an other Italian actress, Rosalina Neri.

Historical roles

In 1960, she appeared in two sword and sandal films set in the Ancient world. The first was Il Sepolcro dei Re (The Tomb of the King). This film tells the story ofNemorat, an Egyptian pharaoh who was instrumental in the creation of the pyramids of Giza due to the intrigues surrounding his death and entombment.

The second was Raoul Walsh’s Esther and the King, starring Joan Collins as the Biblical Jewish Queen. Rosalba played Keresh and was assassinated by someone who mistook her for the Queen. Because of her dark, sultry beauty, Rosalba was often a natural fit to play certain legendary characters. She was Ramses’ intended bride in the Hercules Adventure, Il Leone de Thebe (The Lion of Thebes) in 1966. She was also 994_Rosalba Neri_07in Ercole contro i figli del sole (Hercules against the Sons of the Sun) in 1964. She played Delilah, the Biblical beauty who was the downfall of the Old Testament hero, Samson, in I Grandi Condottieri (The Great Guides).

Although starring roles were few and far between for Rosalba, she worked steadily throughout the 60s and 70s in supporting and sometimes, nondescript roles, such as her turn as a harem girl in (1961’s) El Cid.

Spy films

Rosalba also had quite a few roles in Eurospy intrigue films, often playing a less than saintly character. She was Faddja in 1965’s Il Superseven Chiama Cairo(Superseven Calls on Cairo), one of the dangerous ‘women’ that the 994_Rosalba Neri_03spy, a James Bond-like character, comes into contact with. Also in 1965, she appeared in Due Mafiosi contro Goldfinger (Two Mafiosi Against Goldfinger). Here she was credited as Sara Bay and played a character called “The Secretary.”

In 1967, she was Amalia in Password: Uccidete Agente Gordon (Password: Kill Agent Gordon). The same year she played her first part for Spanish director Jess Francoin a spy film send-up done in comic book style Lucky, el intrépido (Lucky the Inscrutable) starring Ray Danton.

Spaghetti westerns

She had roles in several 19 spaghetti westerns over the years. In 1965’s, Dinamite Jim, she played Margaret; and, in ’67 she was Rosita in Emimmo Salvi’s Wanted: Johnny Texas. That year she also appeared in Johnny Yuma, which was directed by Romolo Guerrieri followed by Long Days of Hate.

Erotic films

Rosalba, the bombshell, was also much in demand for erotic Giallo thrillers, horror, and sexploitation films. She was in Jess Franco’s box office hit 99 Women (1969), one of the first women in prison films, and Top Sensation (The Seducers) (1969) opposite Edwige Fenech. In 1972 she played Farley Granger’s wife in Alla Ricerca del piacere (Amuck, aka Leather & Whips). Granger plays a wealthy author who hires a beautiful secretary (Barbara Bouchet) and engages in kinky sex games with her and his wife. Also in 1972 she played the lead role in the erotic horror flick Lucifera Demon Lover.

994_Rosalba Neri_05994_Rosalba Neri_09

Bouchet and Neri would team up in another movie combining sex with horror, Casa d’appuntamento (French Sex Murders, 1972). A jewel thief is accused of 994_Rosalba Neri_04murdering a prostitute but is decapitated in a motorcycle accident prior to the trial. When those involved in the trial start dying, everyone wonders if the dead man has come back to exact a little revenge.

Perhaps Rosalba’s best-known films are from the horror genre. This is also where she is often credited as Sara Bay (or Bey), much to her fans’ chagrin. She played Tania Frankenstein, the daughter of the monster’s creator, in 1972’s Lady Frankenstein. Tania was willing to take her father’s work to new – and frightening – levels. It’s considered a “B” movie classic. She also played Lady Dracula, a vampire who uses the ring of Dracula to lure young virgins to her home so she can murder them and bathe in their blood (à la the medieval Countess Elizabeth of Báthory). The film, which was directed by Luigi Batzella, is often referred to as The Devil’s Wedding Night. The Italian name is Il Plenilunio dell Vergini (the Full Moon of the Virgins).

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687_maria_grazia_cucinotta_01Maria Grazia Cucinotta (born 27 July 1968) is an Italian actress who has featured in many films and television series since 1990. She has also worked as a producer, screenwriter and model.

Cucinotta was born in Messina, Province of Messina, Sicily, Italy. She is well known in Italy as a movie and television actress, but internationally she is best known for her roles in Il Postino and as the Bond girl, the Cigar Girl, in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

She guest starred in The Sopranos episode "Isabella". She also appeared on The Simpsons episode "The Italian Bob" voicing Sideshow Bob‘s wife, Francesca.

She won the America Award of the Italy-USA Foundation in 2010.


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658_Agostina Belli_04

Agostina Belli (born 13 April 1947) is an Italian film actress. She has appeared in more than 50 films since 1968.

658_Agostina Belli_05

Born in Milan as Agostina Maria Magnoni, Belli made her debut in 1968 with a minor part in Bandits in Milan, then appeared in supporting roles in several musicarelli, giallo films and horror of Spanish-Italian co-production. She had her first role of weight in Lina Wertmüller‘s The Seduction of Mimi, then she was chosen by Dino Risi as the beautiful Sara inScent of a Woman, for which she won a Grolla d’oro, and the ingenuous Marcella of The Career of a Chambermaid, for which she received a special David di Donatello. Together with most important works, in the seventies Belli lived a season of strong popularity performing in small productions and comedies of dubious value but of great commercial success, then starting from eighties she thinned out her appearances.

She was married to actor Fred Robsahm

658_Agostina Belli_02658_Agostina Belli_01658_Agostina Belli_03

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421_Monica Guerritore_09Monica Guerritore (Rome, Italy, January 5, 1957) is an Italian actress of cinema, theatre and television.

After her debut at just sixteen years of age under the direction of Giorgio Strehler in The Cherry Orchard (however, she had her first small part in Vittorio De Sica’s Una breve vacanza, at the early age of 13), she tied herself romantically and artistically to film and theatre director Gabriele Lavia, acting in his theatrical performances mostly strong female characters like Jocasta, Lady Macbeth and Ophelia. The couple separated in 2001, and Guerritore continued her work with other directors, like Giancarlo Sepe, in Madame Bovary, Carmen and in The Lady of the Camellias.

Beside the stage career, she also works on television and film: in 1976 along Marcello Mastroianni in Signore e signori, buonanotte, in 1977 she plays the title role in first RAI colour TV play Manon Lescaut, also, significant performances were in Salvatore Samperi’s Fotografando Patrizia (1985) and in Mauro Bolognini’s La Venexiana (1986).

421_Monica Guerritore_01421_Monica Guerritore_07421_Monica Guerritore_08

She came back to RAI in 1997, with tile role in Costanza, and in 1999, in Mario Caiano’s L’amore oltre la vita. In 2004 she plays Ambra Leonardi in Amanti e segreti, and in 2006 Ada Sereni in Gianluigi Calderone’s Exodus.

Gabriele Lavia directed her in many, often erotically toned, movies, including Scandalosa Gilda (1985), Sensi (1986) and La lupa (1996). In 2007 she plays a part in Ferzan Özpetek’s Un giorno perfetto, and in 2008 in Ivano De Matteo’s La bella gente.

421_Monica Guerritore_05421_Monica Guerritore_06421_Monica Guerritore_10

She is currently engaged in filming of Christian Duguay’s Sant’Agostino in the role of Monica.

In theatre, she also directed Giovanna d’Arco (2004–2006), and Dall’Inferno all’Infinito (2008).

421_Monica Guerritore_02421_Monica Guerritore_03421_Monica Guerritore_04

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403_Giuliana De Sio_07Giuliana De Sio (born in Salerno 2 April 1957) is an Italian actress and the sister of folk singer Teresa De Sio.

Biography and career
She was born in Salerno and lived in Cava de’ Tirreni, her family’s town of origin. She made her first public appearance when she was five years old, in a show at the Verdi theater in Salerno. She began her professional career in 1976 when Gianni Bongiovanni choose her for the RAI TV film Una donna. Elio Petri then gave her a part in Mani sporche and Mario Monicelli choose her to star in Il malato immaginario together with the famous Italian actor Alberto Sordi.

403_Giuliana De Sio_01403_Giuliana De Sio_02403_Giuliana De Sio_03

Her meeting with Massimo Troisi, who cast her in Scusate il ritardo in 1982, brought her to the attention of the new generation of Italian directors. With Francesco Nuti she shot the celebrated Io, Chiara e lo Scuro and Casablanca Casablanca.

403_Giuliana De Sio_04403_Giuliana De Sio_05403_Giuliana De Sio_06

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391_alba_parietti_01Alba Parietti (born 2 July 1961 in Turin, Piedmont) is an Italian film actress, television presenter, and entertainer.

Her career began in 1977 with an appearance in the play, The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde. Although she did appear on television as early as 1975, her first role in a major picture was in 1983 with Sapore di Mare. She has since performed in many other films, including the 1991 comedy Abbronzatissimi, in the role of Aurora.

In 1992, she co-hosted the Sanremo Music Festival with Pippo Baudo.

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Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi (Italian pronunciation: [ˈanna moˈana ˈroza ˈpottsi]; 27 April 1961 – 15 September 1994), best known as Moana Pozzi and Moana, was an Italian pornographic actress, actress, television personality, model, politician and writer.

370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_02

Early years
Pozzi was born Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi in Genoa, Liguria. Her parents chose her name from a geographic map of Hawaii: it means "where the sea is deepest". Her father Alfredo Pozzi was a nuclear engineer and he moved around the world with his family for work, and her mother Rosanna was a housewife. As a teen, Moana lived with her family in Canada, then in Brazil. At 13 years old, in 1974, Moana moved back to Italy with her family, where she finished secondary school. When the family had to move again to Lyon, France, she decided to start living independently in Rome around 1980, when she was 19 years old.

370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_01

In Rome, Pozzi started working as a model and studied acting. Sometimes she performed in TV adverts or as a walk-on in comedy movies. She was very ambitious, and in Rome she became the lover of many famous people. Her most famous secret lover was Bettino Craxi, Prime Minister of Italy from 1983 to 370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_051987. Through his intervention, she got a job at Rai Television on a children’s entertainment program. The same year (1981) she performed her first hardcore movie, Valentina, ragazza in calore (Valentina, Girl in Heat), credited as Linda Heveret. A minor scandal ensued since, at the same time the movie was in theatres, she was still working on children’s TV. She denied being the same person, but she was suspended from TV anyway. This gave her her first popularity in newspapers and magazines. In 1985 Federico Fellini wanted her to perform in his movie Ginger and Fred.

In 1986, Pozzi met Riccardo Schicchi, manager of Diva Futura, the agency of the most famous porn stars like Cicciolina. Her first A-movie in hard core was Fantastica Moana, where she used her real name for the first time. She also took part in the famous Curve Deliziose (Delicious Curves) next to Cicciolina 370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_06others, the first live show in Italy where naked models would masturbate onstage. This caused scandal and accusations of outrageous obscenity. She became huge in the hardcore business and soon eclipsed the popularity of Cicciolina in Italy. (At the same time Cicciolina stopped doing porn to pursue a political career in Italian Parliament.) Pozzi’s appearances on TV also caused scandal. In the show Matrjoska by Antonio Ricci, she used to appear on stage completely naked or just wrapped in a transparent plastic veil. Magazines and newspapers were more and more interested in her and she was often featured on covers. She was also appreciated for her distinctive intelligence, defying the cliché of the brainless pinup. She cultivated intellectuals, writers, and artists such as Mario Schifano or Dario Bellezza. This was the first time a porn-star became so popular in everyday life.

370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_08370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_03370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_04370_Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi_07

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350_Maria Grazia Buccella_14Maria Grazia Buccella, (born 15 August 1940) is a Maria Grazia Buccella former Italian glamour model, Miss Italy contestant (1959) and film actress.

Buccella screentested for the role of Domino Derval 1965 James Bond film Thunderball. The role eventually went to French actress, Claudine Auger. That year, she appeared in the Dino Risi directed film Il Gaucho which co starred actors such as Vittorio Gassman.

In 1966, she played the beauty Miss Okra in the Peter Sellers film After the Fox. In 1968, she won a Silver Ribbon award at the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists for Best Supporting Actress (Migliore Attrice Non Protagonista) in the film Ti ho sposato per allegria.

She featured on the cover of Playmen magazine in November 1976. She virtually retired from film in 1979 although made two small appearances in the late 1980s and a final appearance in the 2000 TV series Hotel Otello.

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350_Maria Grazia Buccella_02350_Maria Grazia Buccella_03350_Maria Grazia Buccella_06350_Maria Grazia Buccella_11350_Maria Grazia Buccella_08350_Maria Grazia Buccella_10350_Maria Grazia Buccella_13350_Maria Grazia Buccella_09350_Maria Grazia Buccella_04350_Maria Grazia Buccella_07350_Maria Grazia Buccella_12

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301_Cinzia Mambretti_01a

Cinzia Mambretti is an Italian actress, known for Il tempo degli assassini (1975).

301_Cinzia Mambretti_01b301_Cinzia Mambretti_01c301_Cinzia Mambretti_02301_Cinzia Mambretti_04

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Marilù Tolo (born 16 January 1944) is an Italian film actress. She appeared in 64 films between 1960 and 1985.

Born in Rome, Tolo debuted at very young age as an assistant of Mario Riva in the RAI variety show Il Musichiere. She made her film debut at 16 years old in Alberto Lattuada’s I dolci inganni.


She was also a fashion model and a close friend of Italian stylist Valentino. Valentino told in an interview to Italian newspaper La Repubblica that Tolo was the only woman he had ever really loved.


286_tolo_01Selected filmography
Shéhérazade (1963)
The Triumph of Hercules (1964)
Marriage Italian-Style (1964)
The Magnificent Gladiator (1964)
Sept hommes et une garce (1967)
Django Kill (1967)
The Oldest Profession (1967)
Commandos (1968)
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (1970)
Confessions of a Police Captain (1971)
My Dear Killer (1972)
Themroc (1973)
The Five Days aka Le Cinque Giornate (1973)
The Greek Tycoon (1978)
Vacanze di Natale (1983)

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274_Silvia Dionisio_05Silvia Dionisio (born 28 September 1951) is an Italian actress who appeared in several movies in the 1970s, including Amici miei and Ondata di piacere.

Born in Rome, Dionisio made her debut in the world of cinema when she was only 14 years old., in the movie Darling. Her career followed with parts in mediocre musical Italian movies, along with singers like Mario Tessuto, Gianni Dei, Little Tony and Mal. On the set of one of these movies she met director Ruggero Deodato, who became her husband. The two had a son, Saverio Deodato-Dionisio, who worked as an actor.
274_Silvia Dionisio_01

In 1975 Dionisio was protagonist of Ondata di piacere, the sole truly erotic movie of her career, directed by Deodato. In the same year, she played Ugo Tognazzi’s lover in the comedy Amici miei, by Mario Monicelli. In late 1970s she played in several action or sexy movies, but in the early 1980s left the cinema.

Her last appearance was in a liqueur spot directed by Federico Fellini.

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269_erica_blanc_02Enrica Bianchi Colombatto (born July 23, 1942 in Brescia, Lombardy) is an Italian actress, usually known by her stagename of Erika Blanc.

Movie career
er most notable role was as the first fictional character Emmanuelle in Io, Emanuelle. Blanc also starred in several horror films, including Kill, Baby, Kill, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Devil’s Nightmare, and Mark of the Devil Part II.

She recently came back with little but very intense roles under the direction of Turkish-born director Ferzan Özpetek, acting as Antonia’s mother in Le fate ignoranti (2001), and as the sensitive, alcohol-addicted Maria Clara in Cuore Sacro (2005). In 2003 she also starred as the grandmother in Poco più di un anno fa-Diario di un pornodivo, directed by Marco Filiberti.

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242_Claudia Koll_002Claudia Koll (stage name of Claudia Colacione; born May 17, 1965) is an Italian actress and missionary.

Claudia Koll was born in Rome of Italian and Romanian parentage.

Koll made her debut as a cinema actress in 1989, but achieved fame for her part in the erotic movie Così fan tutte (All Ladies Do It, 1992), directed by Tinto Brass. Subsequently she has worked mostly for theater and television. She reached her widest audience in the popular television series Linda e il brigadiere (Linda and the Brigadier, 1997-2000) with Nino Manfredi.

She co-hosted the 1995 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival.

She had a Catholic upbringing, but when she left home to become an actress, she also left the Church. As she said in testimony, she began to live as she liked, doing whatever she wanted, in a spirit of rebellion against all authority. She lived this transgressive life, she says, for many years, thinking it was true liberty, but its actual effect on her was to leave her psychologically vulnerable and without protection. One day in 2000, during a session of vaguely Buddhist, vaguely "New Age"-style meditation such as (she says) many people in show business make use of in order to relax and be able to concentrate on their work, she found herself, without warning, overcome by a terrifying sense of being in the presence of evil and in mortal danger. In her fear she began to recite the Lord’s Prayer and felt the threat recede. According to the exorcist Father Francesco Bamonte, "transcendental meditation…and other such New Age practices that stress ‘out of body’ experiences" can potentially open the door to demonic attacks.

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Subsequently Claudia Koll became a devout Roman Catholic. She is involved in several humanitarian activities and has travelled all over Italy to give testimony of her conversion and invite young people to return to prayer and faith in God. In 2006 she also gave a moving testimony at a healing service in Malta.

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Orlando sei (1989)
Così fan tutte (1992)
Benito – The Rise and Fall of Mussolini (1993)
Miracolo italiano (1994)
Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi (1995)
Cucciolo (1998)

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