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a1095_pett_01Norman Pett (Birmingham, England, 27 April 1891- February 16, 1960, Sussex, Great-Britain) was a British artist who, in 1932 created the famous cartoon character,‘Jane’ for the Daily Mirror.

In 1932, he set out to create a comic strip that would be as popular to adults as the famous ‘Pip, Squeak and Wilfred‘ was to children. And so, Jane was created. For the first few years, Pett’s wife Mary modelled for him but eventually he started to use professional models instead, the most famous of which was Chrystabel Leighton-Porter who modelled for him during World War Two. Until the war, Jane had a little daily funny story, but at the start of the war, she became a continuous story.

“The turning point in Jane’s career, when she became a success was when we turned her from a daily joke into a continuous story. In other words, when she was stripped in both senses of the term,” Pett told Pathé News in 1943.


Pett retired from drawing Jane after drawing her for 16 years in 1948, and the strip was continued by Michael Hubbard.


Text from Wikipedia 
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Connoisseurs of retro glamour will recognise this
week’s model as Gloria Dawn
Great pictures Shannon

A digital recreation of an article from Ace Magazine
Vol7 No5
published in 1964

An apartment hunter’s dream, with a piano to boot, comes true for Susan, who by the way is a bit of a dream herself.

Even in rent-controlled New York City, a bargain in flats is hard to come by. However, possessing a sharp eye, as well as many friends, Susan was able to score with an unusual find in the recently restored Chelsea area. She considers her three-year lease a new lease on life for her.

Read the whole article and se the naughty pictures both in black&white and colour HERE

Warning: Nudity do occur in this article. If you are under age or live in a country where watching images of nude women for some reason  is against the law  I take no responsibility if you click the link above. In other words you’re flying solo from here on – Ted ;-)

a1081_guess that ass_03

Let’s see how well you have studied classic celebrity backsides visitors.
The question is simple; Who’s famous ass is this?

Tip: She was born in 1902 and died in 1968 and she
is best known for he part in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Lifeboat”

And as some of you guessed last weeks ass belonged to Marilyn Monroe

forgotten onesa1094_Eva Lynd_02
Eva Lynd was born on September 2, 1937 in Örgryte, Sweden as Eva Inga Margareta Von Fielitz. She is an actress, known for That Lady from Peking (1975), Stalag 13 (1965) and The Texan (1958). She has been married to Warren Munson since June 24, 1978.

During the decades when men’s adventure magazines were being published, Eva Lynd was best known as an actress and a glamour photography model.

In the late 1950s, she was a frequent guest on the The Steve Allan Show, one of the most influential and widely-watched early TV variety shows.

a1094_Eva Lynd_05

As noted in her IMDB.com entry (which seems woefully incomplete) Eva appeared in episodes of a number of other popular television shows from the late Fifties to the early Eighties, including The Thin Man; Peter Gunn, Hogan’s Heroes and Cagney & Lacey, sometimes credited under her birth name Eva von Fielitz.

She also has a notable place in TV advertising history, as the sexy babe who emerges from the tube of hair goop in Brylcreem’s “Girl the Tube” TV commercial.

Entertainment Magazine named that ad one of the “50 Best Commercials of All Time.”

a1094_Eva Lynd_01

Alluring glamour photos of Eva Lynd were featured on covers of and inside many of the vintage “girlie magazines” published in the Fifties and Sixties, including Caper, Dude, Follies, Gala Modern Man and Scamp. Pics of Eva also showed up in newspapers and mainstream magazines.

And, cheesecake photos of her — sometimes credited as Eva Lynd and sometimes as Eva von Fielitz — graced the pages of a number of men’s pulp adventure magazines from those decades, such as Adventure and Action Man.

a1094_Eva Lynd_08

But beautiful, blonde Eva Lynd has a much more prominent place in men’s pulp mag history than most glamour girls. That’s because she was a favourite female model of Norm Eastman, the illustration artist who created many of the most iconic, most popular and most notorious cover paintings for the subgenre of men’s adventure periodicals commonly called “sweat magazines.”

In many Eastman cover paintings, Eva was the model for one of the gorgeous damsels in distress who are bound and tortured by sadistic Nazis, Commies or some other evil fiends.

a1094_Eva Lynd_04a1094_Eva Lynd_06a1094_Eva Lynd_03a1094_Eva Lynd_07

Text from menspulpmags.com


The girl in the middle is either springier than most or blind and in for a hell of a surprise –Ted  Image found on vintage-everyday

Spot The King ….

a1092_spot the king

Photograph of King George V in uniform with a company of Grenadiers Guards, but which one of them is he – Ted ;-)Image found on vintage-everyday



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